View Full Version : ABILITIES Reaver Floating above pounced target

19th Apr 2014, 20:46
On a couple of occasion when landing a pounce on the target, my character remains floating above the target. The target is running his "pounce-on" animation and sound-effects but my character is static (in his launch pose). I assuming my target is taking damage, would be useful to find out if the target has seen anything similar on his side.

It seems to happen when land my pounce near environment collision such as fence-post or near trees. I have been trying to recreated this bug, but as I require a target to be near an object with collision and have been unsuccessful.

Overall, it has happen twice during playing last week.

I will continue trying and grab a screen-shot to provide more information, but has anyone else spots this or has experience this issue?

19th Apr 2014, 22:11
I've encountered this issue as well. The damage seems to be dealt at the end of the pounce instead of over time while you should be normally slashing away at the target, very hard to screen shot. I think it may be a lag related issue as I am NA and only have noticed it on EU servers.