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19th Jun 2011, 18:39
Hi everyone, ive thougth about this idea for a long time now, but not enterly sure what to think about it myself! so i would like your opinon.

Im thinking of a ability to create a fake trail, and perhaps set up a fake culprint!
imagine you are in a guard uniform and are actually seen shot a target, you manage to escape but you would have to bribe some civilians after the level (assuming this is kept in absolution) or perhaps the security is greatly increased in the level. Instead you place the gun you used in another guards bag or something, perhaps you also splash some blood in it. Then you alarm the other guards who then start investigating the "culprint", resulting in some locations will have less guards left and the remaning guards would probaly relax more.

I can think of alot possibilites, perhaps another rating (perhaps better than SA) that is achived when you make so "hard" evedince that the newspapers would say the assassin is caugth! (im aware theres no newspaper in abosultion, but you get my drift i hope).
The evidience could also have a certain "worth"; perhaps the fake evidence is so weak and "wrong" (killing a man with a gun, but putting a bloody hammer on the culprint) that the guards in fact becomes more suspecious or something like that.

I myself can see these pros and cons:
- a extra way to "save" your skin when things get out of hand.
- for me it means alot to have something extra to do, I find it boring when i get SA in 3-5min, it would be fun to have a extra aim.
- fun to watch others trying to explain why they have a bloody knife on them!

- can easly get to repetive if too "scripted" (like if you can only take these 2 specific "evidence" and blame this single specific person).
- on the other hand; if possible to blame anyone, with allmost anything at hand, it could easly turn out to be far too easy to escape dangerous situations.
- unnecessary?

All in all i would personally say it would be fun with a extra element in the game, but it would be a element that should be very carefully implented, if implented. So...what do you think?

(sorry for my english)

19th Jun 2011, 21:28
Personally I can see that as a mission specific task simalar to a new life, where you plant the evidence on a secondary target, rather than removing an article of jewellery or setting them up for an accident maybe.

But long term mission wise, I think you should be able to pick up 'evidence' such as bullet casings. I always found it annoying that if i used a gun the casing evidence showed up in the paper in blood money, you'd think a pro like hitman would be careful in this regard in such a forsenic world where simply speaking for a period of time can leave DNA trace.