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11th Jun 2011, 21:45
I was totally not excited about lara's new look in all the cover art they posted, but I have to say she looks much better in the trailer and there was also a video of gameplay on youtube
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEplUUjC5g4 )
which she looked even better in. *sigh of releif*.... but I do have to say that I dont like her voice in the trailer. Also all the moaning, grunting, and limping. I do realize that this is just ( at least i hope it only is) in the beginning of the game where she is weak and inexperienced, especially in the game play video posted where she is just breathing so heavily... sure its realistic but yeah kinda annoying
whatever im going to get the game for sure no matter what...
What r your guys' opinions about the trailer and media we have seen so far?

11th Jun 2011, 23:33
A deja vu just happened to me :P Search the forum a little, there are threads like this :D

12th Jun 2011, 09:16
What dino said.