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Elliot Kane
10th Jun 2011, 12:08
Just came across this rather awesome in depth analysis of the TR trailer. Figured you guys & gals might find it interesting, too :)

A Closer Look At The Tomb Raider Pre-E3 Trailer (http://www.gunsandgrapple.com/2011/06/article-closer-look-at-tomb-raider-pre.html)

10th Jun 2011, 12:24
Wow, that was quite a read :P I have a feeling there will be a lot to discuss in here, nice job, Elliot ^^
I wonder what's up with the green magatama :scratch:

Elliot Kane
10th Jun 2011, 14:48
I'd just like to stress that I found this. I can't take any credit for the actual article itself :)

10th Jun 2011, 15:58
I'm a fan of G&G :thumb:

10th Jun 2011, 16:21
That was quite interesting. Shows how much details the developers have put in there :)

11th Jun 2011, 08:29
Interesting read, thanks :)

One inaccuracy, though. The person pulling her out of the water is not Conrad.

11th Jun 2011, 08:55
Interesting read, thanks :)

One inaccuracy, though. The person pulling her out of the water is not Conrad.
It isn't? wow, that explains a lot. I thought it was weird he pulled her out of the water, and than ran to the other side of the ship, leaving her there.

If it wasn't Conrad, who was it than?

11th Jun 2011, 09:48
^Karl said in the second Cristal Habit Podcast that it wasn't Conrad, but he didn't get into details as to who he was! He said that maybe they would reveal more about him later...

11th Jun 2011, 11:22
If it wasn't Conrad, who was it than?

Lara's boyfriend! :eek:

BTW, awesome signature! ;)

11th Jun 2011, 11:57
Lara's boyfriend! :eek:

BTW, awesome signature! ;)

XD Thanks :) I love your one to :eek: :D

Does somebody have the full podcasts in text? I can't hear it for some reason... :(

11th Jun 2011, 19:49
I believe they got a little confused with the remove of the spike and the part where she tightens her bandages on the beach, good breakdown of the trailer though

12th Jun 2011, 05:22
Thanks everyone for the really nice comments, I didn't know this thread existed until a few hours back, and it was such a nice surprise to find it :D It was a lot of fun writing this because I like finding all the little details that can be easily missed (the HQ version of the trailer on the official TR's YouTube channel helped a lot) but it was also difficult since I was also trying to get it up as soon as possible so fans would still be interested in what was in there. Seeing comments like that makes it worth it :)

Thanks to Driber, dark7angel and a big house for the corrections, I've posted little update messages in bold on the article now :) It will be interesting to find out who the person was that pulled Lara out of the water.

That magatama confuses me too d1n0_XD I'm guessing it's going to be something important though.

LARALOVERnr.1 I can write up transcripts for them if you want :) They're quite short so I should be able to get them done today, I'll send you a PM when they're finished and I'll send you a link :)

Thanks to Elliot Kane for posting it here, and Natla for constant support :)

Elliot Kane
12th Jun 2011, 08:15
Thank YOU for all your hard work in writing/making it, Raider! I was most impressed, as you can tell :)

24th Jun 2011, 23:20
I didn't want to make a new thread, so I'll post it here... There's an article describing the gameplay and look at this:

Part two of the demo focuses heavily on Lara navigating the jungle environments and introduces a crewmate from the wrecked ship: Roth. He is severely injured and in need of medical attention. After dragging him to a base camp, Lara sets off to find a first aid pack and radio that may help them off the island.

The base camps prove beneficial to gameplay, as Lara can use these hubs to bolster survival skills, fast travel to other locations and salvage items for gear.

As the game progresses, Lara slowly learns the skills to become a world-class tomb raider. She efficiently climbs buildings and jumps across rooftops as heavy rains and lightning pour down from above. She finds a wolf den where the kit and radio are located. With the items in hand, she turns to find a wolf lunging toward her. A struggle ensues, with Lara stabbing the beast several times before getting away.

So, my question is, is there another part of the demo(sure explains the screenshots and that script someone posted) and they didn't show us, or I'm the only one who hasn't seen it? XD

Whole article: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2011/06/tomb-raider-survival-of-the-fittest/1#.Tfpu95XYLlI;twitter

25th Jun 2011, 07:39
^ The part you describe is from a demo shown to the press behind-closed-doors at E3.

They were not allowed to film that part of the demo, so that is why you only see texts about it :)

25th Jun 2011, 13:06
@dino, I found out about that part of the demo right now. XD

Anyway, that wolf really looks real! :eek:


25th Jun 2011, 13:12
O. MY. GOD! Close encounter with a wolf! Daaaaaamn :| I want to see part 2 of the demo XD

25th Jun 2011, 14:55
^ The screenshot of Lara fighting with the wolf has already been in the TR9 Media Thread at the top of the forum here for several weeks ;)