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9th Jun 2011, 23:48
Created by: Geed

I have made two versions based different tastes. A censored and an uncensored picture of Diana in the shower. Took me about an hour to mask all the images and create a rain background that blended well so I hope you guys like it! :D

NOTE: I cannot get the full sized 1920x1080 images available for download using photobucket. If you want a full sized copy, they will be available soon. My apologies for this error!

Uncensored: http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc331/Geed925/UncensoredHitmanAbsolution-FanArtbyGeed.jpg

Censored: http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc331/Geed925/CensoredHitmanAbsolution-FanArtbyGeed.jpg

Enjoy :)

10th Jun 2011, 00:48
I like how you put the logo on his eye thats pretty awesome. personally I consider the 1st one censored, its not like you used that singular frame which showed nipple definition.

Commander Shepard
10th Jun 2011, 04:33
These look great.
Good job!

10th Jun 2011, 07:48
Fixed 1st post. Use this link (http://driber.net/os/forumthumb.php) next time when posting large images. ;)