View Full Version : How emotional do you like your Lara?

9th Jun 2011, 06:07
As it says in the poll :)

9th Jun 2011, 14:45
I'd like to see her stay rather calm. Not like she's having fun or something like in Legend(It's very logic she is scared), but I dont like to see her cry and say how much her live sucks all the time. The demo-drama-thingie was ok, just a bit to much moaning.

Elliot Kane
9th Jun 2011, 16:49
I've been thinking about this one and... I really don't know. She's starting out this time as pretty much an ordinary young woman (If an extraordinarily determined one). I think the progression will be more important than start or finish of this specific game.

After all, this will be Lara as we have never seen her - young and just starting out (And no, I haven't forgotten the 'Young Lara' sequence from TR4 - she'd already survived the plane crash that was her original origin by that point. She was very young, but already an experienced survivor).

What I want from the new game is a journey, I think. I'll make my mind up on what Lara 'should' be after that. She's been so many things, after all...

9th Jun 2011, 17:20
I voted fearful and talking to herself (relating the new game), I like that. But, post-murder sarcasm wooohooo :thumb: xD

9th Jun 2011, 20:26
I went post murder sarcasm. Essentially not very emotional at all. Hate it when video game characters get too emotional. As a bastion of the strong gaming female don't want to see Lara go that way.

24th Jun 2011, 00:11
The more we have seen an emotional side to Lara the less I liked what I saw. I would rather she just charges in all guns blazing rather than gave a 10 minute sob story. I did enjoy the quick humour of Legend's Lara.

24th Jun 2011, 12:07
Post-murder sarcasm.

The more we have seen an emotional side to Lara the less I liked what I saw. I would rather she just charges in all guns blazing rather than gave a 10 minute sob story. I did enjoy the quick humour of Legend's Lara.

Exactly what I think. :thumb:

less emotions = better game

To me, Legend is the best game because Lara is strong and she has that look in her eyes that just gave me chills.

24th Jun 2011, 20:22
I watched some of the E3 coverage, and observed several games and new tech items.

There were quite a few interesting things...but a lot all seemed the same to me.

There was a lot of "shoot-em up," flash, fire, bang and many explosions, and a lot of protagonists fighting huge, unreal creatures, etc., and I suppose that some of that is okay.

Then I saw the Tomb Raider demo. I can say that, in my opinion, no other demo shown displayed as much emotion via a player character as that displayed by Lara. Rather than a visual fireworks, flash, bang display, the Lara vid struck me in a more visceral, emotional, even intellectual manner.

It seemed very different from all that flash, bang, explosion stuff.

I do know this. Although there may be some other games to consider, I have decided on at least two games featured at E3, Skyrim, and Tomb Raider.

At E3, for most visceral emotion, and display to evoke character empathy, I vote for Tomb Raider.

30th Jun 2011, 19:53
I liked the Lara we saw in the demo. She gave all the right reactions to her situation. There's no way that she'd be sarcastic right now. Maybe later in the game, but come on, she's pretty much a spoiled aristocrat at the beginning of this new game. I just don't see her finding much humor right then. Legend Lara won't make sense either for the sane reasons. Too much experience there. I don't see her being too sob story either since I see her being too busy surviving.

sierra xb
5th Jul 2011, 19:17
The Lara we saw in the E3 demo looks about what I would expect for her emotional level. I try to imagine how I would feel if I was in that situation for the first time, and I personally would be scared to death, at least until I "got my bearings" and had some time to rest after the initial shock. While I love Tomb Raider, I never could get comfortable with what I heard was called "teflon Lara". I know it's a game, but no one could realistically remain as calm as Lara seems to be despite the crazy situations she gets herself into.

Now seeing as we have only seen the gameplay demo from the first segement, I would expect as the game progresses to see Lara go from frightened and confused to something more cautious and determined. This time there is no real reason to hear Lara be casual, sarcastic or witty, so I don't want to see those kinds of emotions. At this point, she apparently doesn't have the experience to be that confident.