View Full Version : Custom Absolution Wallpaper

8th Jun 2011, 23:53
I made this image for the website gamedot but thought it would look cool as a wallpaper, it isn't to any exact spec, so feel free to chop it down to fit your own monitor, just thought I would share. :)

9th Jun 2011, 00:00

Commander Shepard
9th Jun 2011, 08:08
It doesn't fit my monitor(1920x1200)
Too bad because it looked cool.

9th Jun 2011, 11:26
very nice thanks allot

9th Jun 2011, 20:34
Very nicely done! *thumbs up*

9th Jun 2011, 23:48

use this png logo and it would be awesome -will be my desktop wallpaper-

also can u upload the render of 47 without bg? im not good at cutting the bg of a pic

10th Jun 2011, 00:43
glad people like it.

@Vulture I tried making it transparent, the issue is the placing makes it almost impossible to clearly see the 'absolution' part, obviously its there but the lettering is too thin.

adjustable render (http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/5884/adjustable47.png) the original file was like 9000 pixels big, and too much guess work on the left side of the image with black on black, and its not all of it, because i only intended on using the upper half.