View Full Version : Gameinformer Screenshot Update

8th Jun 2011, 21:59

There's a couple I haven't seen before so thought I might share them here :)

8th Jun 2011, 22:40
Thank you for sharing, I haven't seen some of those! :)

And is it just me, or her hair looks kinda...like in Underworld AGAIN? It's not moving realistically...

9th Jun 2011, 00:33
The background shots amaze me so much but the shots of Lara just dissapoint me a bit.

9th Jun 2011, 06:33
What disappoints you? Can you elaborate on that?

I think she looks fantastic, but her hair looks somewhat strange... It seems the graphics have been given a downgrade since the December reveal:

EDIT: Or maybe not... I don't know! D:

9th Jun 2011, 10:39
Awesome! Its a shame I have to wait till I get home before I can take a god look at the ...