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7th Jun 2011, 07:50
Somehow I can't change the title of the previous thread, so I thought I'd better make a new one.

The preview article can be found here:

I don't have the time right now to translate it all, so just the most important stuff:

- They were impressed by both the graphics and the music.
- There's a system called Instinct, which costs "energy", which is is reloaded by Hitman actions like taking out somebody silently. Instinct gives 47 certain abilities, like a sort of X-ray vision, highlighting interactable objects or nearby guards and their patrol routes for a short moment or to get nearer to people without them noticing your disguise.
This is to help players new to the series to act like an actual hitman. In higher difficulties these abilities are taken away from the player, so he has to play it as in the previous games.
- 47 is not a Prince of Persia, but did become more agile.
- The story will be more important than in previous games and there will be more of a Film Noir atmosphere.
- 47 can improvise more. He strangled someone with a cable that was lying around for example.
- The shooting mechanics have been improved and there now is a cover system. The journalists guess that Instinct might provide a Slow-motion mode.

7th Jun 2011, 07:52
Wow. Thanks! That's great informtion. :)

7th Jun 2011, 08:13
This is to help players new to the series to act like an actual hitman. In higher difficulties these abilities are taken away from the player, so he has to play it as in the previous games.

Thank god for that. Still a bit depressing that they felt the need to go that direction, but as long as it doesn't happen on the highest two AND they actually spend time tweaking those two modes it's alright.

8th Jun 2011, 03:03
As long as I can go through levels in the amazingly precise ways you could in Blood Money i.e. without killing anyone but my target and without leaving any evidence (aside from the dead guy) that I was ever there, I'm good.

I hope the preview demo was just played in a way that would be more exciting to watch--which is very much my inkling.

8th Jun 2011, 08:04
It might be that the level shown will be the tutorial like the abandoned fair in Blood Money.

It was played several times and even though the level was described as relatively linear, there were numerous ways to accomplish the "mission", ie to escape
- First by fighting, killing a lone guard with a lamp's cable, taking his weapon and then taking another as hostage. After the other policemen opened fire, 47 went to cover and shot his way to the exit.
- Secondly by subterfuge, again killing a guard, but this time also taking his uniform and walking by the other policemen, albeit in some distance so as not to be discovered.
- Thirdly by sneaking and climbing as well as manipulating a breaker box.

8th Jun 2011, 10:28
I love the 3rd option.

That's how I play in Deus Ex & even SC:Conviction (i just try to avoid as much gun fight as possible)
some times a few gets hit. :).

9th Jun 2011, 02:33
I REALLY, REALLY hope that Eidos/IO Interactive isn't feeding us bull **** when they say that the Instinct mechanics are not available in the harder difficulties.

Also, they haven't said anything regarding the health mechanics, but if Hitman Absolution has regen health, I absolutely will NOT be picking it up. I'm open for some changes or improvements, but regen health is unacceptable to me.

10th Jun 2011, 12:47
In another German magazine, PC Action, there is an interview with IO devs, in which they say that there will be a "Pure" mode, in which all help functions are turned off, I assume that refers to the Instinct abilities.

They also say that the linear gameplay portions are set between the old-style, open missions and are there to advance the story.