View Full Version : Invite contest [player driven] - also accepting players who want a code for a friend

18th Apr 2014, 20:07
I am a player from the Netherlands, and I am a fan of AFC Ajax.
Tomorrow the dutch cup match between PEC Zwolle and AFC Ajax will be played.
under those who guess the correct score after 90 minutes ill give away a few invites.

4 invites for those that guess the correct score after 90 minutes (inc injury time)

Also state who you think will win incase of a draw resulting in extra time. (this includes penalty-series)
under those ill give away 2 more invites.

also a note regarding gameplay:[HINT]
Please be a team player, not someone who runs away lets a team mate die and then kill the enemy who has like 10% health left... or jump on an enemy with 10% health left ignoring the back up resulting in getting your team mate killed and yourself.

p.s: Also accepting entries of people who already got an account but want a code for a good friend.
few tweaks+:
in case of only a few people participating ill just hand out a few.

18th Apr 2014, 23:50
Ajax will certainly win.
Here is my guess: Ajax 3 - 0 Zwolle.

Thanks you.

19th Apr 2014, 17:04
I Havo no idea who will be playing what, but i want a key so...

21st Apr 2014, 06:55
ended and it was 5-1 for zwolle :\

also annadevil you were to late, after your entry was after the match started. sorry.

21st Apr 2014, 07:06
That was quite... unexpected. Totally.