View Full Version : can't find the extras in tomb raider trilogy

18th May 2011, 07:41
Hey guys help!could someone PLEASE say to me where to find the extras cause i can't find them anywhere!the outfits of pshome! Thanks in advance...

18th May 2011, 16:14
i think, that the psn outfits are, after playing any one of the 3 games, will be available in ur ps home ... that's what it said to me.. "once u played tomb raider trilogy, the avatars will be available in your psn home" and the theme, is ... well after putting the CD inside the ps3, you will see at section games, two cd's, choose the second one, the bonus one to install the theme....

hope i helped

18th May 2011, 20:25
Thank you very much think u did! :)

20th May 2011, 15:37
Wow u are from greece? :P

21st May 2011, 12:19
its better to speak in english... i dont wanna get kicked off the forum....
opos nane, im glad i helped

21st May 2011, 12:29
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English only here, guys.

21st May 2011, 18:08
Yeap sorry...

22nd May 2011, 05:26
is there any thing new in tomb raider trilogy?

22nd May 2011, 11:18
What do u mean?

22nd May 2011, 12:10
I'd say he wants to know if there is something that wasn't in the games before, like extra levels, etc.

22nd May 2011, 12:52
oh!no...but in the launcher it says bonus content and it has some extras...but i couldnt find them...nothing new though just some outfits and in the begining some videos for trl tra tru and lara croft and the guardian of light...thats all..

23rd May 2011, 10:17
extras, a ps3 theme and two ps home outfits..
some crappy quality videos for all three games which u can find all of them it tr chronicles page..

the best versions of tr anniversary and legend,
that's it