View Full Version : Blood money - Weapon Collection glitch?

5th May 2011, 13:35

First off, this is a topic that could possibly fit into several areas. I chose the best i could and apologize if i ended up posting it in the wrong forum section. As the topic explains, i am playing Hitman Blood Money on the Xbox 360 console. I downloaded it from XBL as i was bored one evening, and found that i LOVE this game. It's the first and only hitman game i have ever played. I have all achievements but three. I am facing some major issues with one, which is making my xbox dangerously close to a close encounter with my steeltoed boots.

I have collected all weapons in the game, three times now. I even got a list from the net to be sure i didn't miss anything. As i play the level "Murder of Crows" I take the SG552 rifle from the room right next to the library. I manage to sneak it across the street, and up the scaffold and stash it away in the ICA box. As i understood it, all weapons stored in ICA boxes will be saved in the hideout. This doesn't work. Despite countless times of playing this level, the game refuses to save and display the flapping SG552 in hideout. This is the only gun i have to collect to get this achievement. It should be noted that for this weapon collection achivement, i am playing on the easist difficulty for a quick playthrough.

I have tried:

- Collecting ONLY this gun on this level
- Collecting it first
- Collecting it Last
- Putting it into ICA
- Running to EXIT

About a week ago i got so pissed that i removed it from my xbox entirely, deleted all saved games, and redownloaded it and played it to "Murder of Crows" level, and tried to collect this gun. It still doesn't work. Am i doing something immensely wrong in the gameplay? Is this a glitch, or what the hell is going on? I'm a bit of an achievement junkey who wants to get 100% in the games that i play. Any suggestions or advice would be muchly appreciated.