View Full Version : Componenet Transfer Error -Commandos- Men Of Courage

3rd May 2011, 08:52
Hello My Respectable
When im trying to install COMMANDOS-men Of Courage the this error is coming i have also install Commandos-Destination Berlin its working perfectly can help me about this plz

3rd May 2011, 15:52
Can you try copying the files of the dvd to your harddrive and install it from there?

4th May 2011, 09:24
Yes dear i have downloaded this game and this one is in iso file and i extracted files and install from there

4th May 2011, 12:25
Where did you download it from?

4th May 2011, 13:34
would u like to tell me the solution my friends have dvd's they are also facing this problem

4th May 2011, 16:44
The reason I asked where you downloaded it from was so that perhaps on their site they have a FAQ which perhaps included a solution. Only thing I can do is a google search to see if something comes up with a similar problem and solution.

Did you try installing it on another pc?

5th May 2011, 06:49
Thnx for reply
as i remembered i downloaded it from www.torrentbox.com and i have also
Commandos-Destination Berlin and its working perfectly and i have searched solution on gooogle but there's no one helped about this