View Full Version : Just got my June PTOM in the mail...

The New Blueguy
3rd May 2011, 00:00
This game looks amazing. I didn't watch Lost when it was on but I googled some pics after reading a comment in the new article that Lara bears a resemblance to Kate from Lost and she really does look like Evangeline Lilly. I read through the topics talking about Lara's look and I'll say that she looks more realistic and genuine pretty now as opposed to just the hot factor from the previous games. You probably don't know but I mostly spend time on the Arkham boards.

I've never been hardcore into TR or anything but I have played every game except Angel of Darkness, I think... From what I just read this game sounds like it's a lot more exciting. I've been wanting them to explore the survival aspect a lot more and I'm glad they will be.

There are some great screenshots in the article, and though I won't post scans I can answer questions and will post quotes if that's alright.

3rd May 2011, 00:47
I knew that alot of the game would be based on Lost but if the new Lara ends more like Kate Austen than Lara Croft then that isn't great. Back in December I woundered if CD had Evangeline/Kate in mind when they invented the new TR and it seems it is true. Just to say I do really like the character of Kate but CD shouldn't be muddling her with LC.

The Avenger27
3rd May 2011, 23:32
I Have two questions. 1: What is PTOM? 2: When will it hit be available in stores?

The New Blueguy
4th May 2011, 00:29
Playstation: The Official Magazine. I believe it's also called Official Playstation Magazine, but yeah. It's the one with the cover as seen in the other topic. I got mine May 2 because I'm a subscriber (actually the only reason I still subscribe to print mags is because of exclusives like this) but it should be on newsstands in another week or so.

The Avenger27
4th May 2011, 01:18
Awesome, thanks. I'm not a fan of PSN or any of there games (old games from ps1&2 is diffrent) but i wish they had some stuff for OXM (Official Xbox Mag). But anyways, since Lara is on the cover and they have articles about the game, i may have to pick it up. :D

The New Blueguy
4th May 2011, 01:22
i get OXM too. That had no info on TR but their cover feature is Red Faction: Armageddon

The Avenger27
4th May 2011, 02:36
They need to get some info, probly a month before the game gets released they probly will put some out in OXM. Who knows, CD probly does.