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1st May 2011, 20:50
Hey all!

A few individuals were nice enough to introduce me via this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=117538), but in case you missed the news, I'm Crystal Dynamics' new Community Manager, Meagan Marie!

I’m still in the process of packing up my belongings and prepping to move across the country, but I wanted to take a few minutes to pop in and share an opportunity.

Gary Steinman – Editor in Chief of PlayStation: The Official Magazine – has offered up his ear for a reader Q&A based on the recently revealed cover story. The June issue featuring Lady Lara should start hitting mailboxes on May 2.

Please use this thread to ask Gary any questions you have about this newest bout of information. I’ll collect the questions on Friday, May 6, and share his responses a few days later when he has had proper time to respond.

As with the GI coverage from late last year, there are still some topics that can’t be expanded upon for the time being, but I’m sure the Q&A will be fruitful regardless.

Fire away!

1st May 2011, 21:00
Welcome, Meagan!

As for questions, I've got one! Who's doing the voice acting for Lara in TR™?

1st May 2011, 21:05
Welcome Meagan!
I hope you enjoy your new position with the greatest group of people ever!

As for questions, all i would like to know is how the HUD will be set out, if it's possible to say yet :)

1st May 2011, 21:12
welcome Meagan Marie
and here is my question who will create the musical score for Tomb Raider?

LC is Me
1st May 2011, 21:59
As for questions, all i would like to know is how the HUD will be set out, if it's possible to say yet :)
(I'd like to second this question.)
Welcome Meagan. :)

I'd also like to ask if it's possible to give us a guesstimate as to when to expect a Teaser Trailer as well as a demo.
Surely not anytime soon, but a rough guess.

2nd May 2011, 10:05
Hi Meagan and welcome!

Could you tell us more about what the supporting cast of the new Tomb Raider game? Will Amanda or any of the old favourites be there?

2nd May 2011, 12:49
I'll be typical me and question:

Will there be an external cinematic director?

I have to ask mainly as I'm always picking at camera angle choices and it'll be good to have someone who's actually directed well before.

2nd May 2011, 14:09
Welcome to this corner of the web, MeaganMarie :)

2nd May 2011, 19:45
Hello, Miss Meagan! :)

Q: When are we gonna see a gameplay trailer? :D

6th May 2011, 20:02
Hey all! Thanks for the questions. Some of them are better suited for someone at Crystal, rather than a member of the press, so please don't be offended if they aren't answered. I am passing the Qs along as we speak, and will post combined answers from here and the TR forums as soon as I get them back :)

I've got one week left in MN before I jet to the West Coast, so I'll be around and interacting more regularly soon!

6th May 2011, 23:12
welcome to the forums :D

14th May 2011, 02:17
Hey all! Quick update. I'm still waiting on the answers, but promise I'll post them as soon as they hit my inbox.

On a personal note, heading out to San Fran tomorrow, and my first day at Crystal Dynamics is Monday. So excited!

14th May 2011, 06:18
Bon voyage!

14th May 2011, 12:42
we welcome you meagan ! x hope you are enjoying your new job , and we are glad to have you on the fourms :D !!

18th May 2011, 22:17
Hey all! I've got some answers for you! Big thanks to Gary for taking the time to address as many questions as he did. And thanks to you all for participating :)

Q&A With PlayStation: The Official Magazine EIC Gary Steinman

Intro By Gary:
Hi, friends. After our recent cover visit for the June issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, we thought it’d be fun to turn the tables and offer me up for some questions regarding Tomb Raider. I’ve answered as best I can based on what I know. For more inside info, be sure to pick up June’s PTOM, on newsstands right now!


A Big House Asks: How the HUD will be set out, if it's possible to say yet.

GS>> The good news here: I saw no clutter on screen during our demo. Like several other triple-A action-adventure titles, Tomb Raider seems to be aiming for a visual approach that reduces the overt “gameyness” of the game, keeping the screen clear of as many HUD-like elements as possible. Instead of a life bar, for example, I saw Lara wincing in pain after she took damage, and holding her side throughout the demo to remind us that she was hurt.

Ants 27 Asks: Will there be an external cinematic director?

GS>> Yep! But who it is, I couldn’t pry loose from the team. (Lord knows I tried!) What I can report: They think he’s big news, and from the few bits of cinematics I saw, I’m inclined to agree.


Love2Raid Asks: Does the platforming look very different from Crystal's previous TR games, specifically Underworld, and if yes, in what way? Related to the first question, could you please tell more about the option to steer Lara in mid-air?

GS>> The platforming is much more natural. This about a “real” Lara moving realistically through her world. That means it’s no longer binary: Make the jump or don’t make the jump, based on tiles and positions and timing. Instead, if Lara could do something within the world, the player should be able to pull it off. As for switching directions in mid-air, I saw it done several times mid-jump during our demo, with Lara wriggling to adjust direction to complete a jump that she would have otherwise flubbed.

Robm 2007Asks: Does the player ever get to explore/fight/etc with another Endurance survivor (who is AI controlled)?

GS>> No word yet on this, but I hope so. I think it’d be neat to have a few co-op missions with Conrad Roth. If that does happen, I suspect it won’t be part of the main storyline. The team has a very specific story they want to tell, and it’s really all about Lara. But non-narrative side-missions or even some DLC would be awesome. C’mon guys, how about it?

Evan C Asks: Lara is an iconic character such as Batman or James Bond, and she is taking the same way with this game than they did with the last movies, which were both darker and more mature. How does it feel watching this once unstoppable action heroine turned into a regular and vulnerable girl?

GS>> I think it’s about time. Though I’m excited about the revamped gameplay, what drew me most to Tomb Raider (and confirmed my decision to put her on our cover) is this bold new direction for her character. I can’t wait to join her on her emotional journey.

Ward Dragon Asks: Has the real voice actress been cast yet or are they still using a stand-in for the demo?

GS>> In the demo, I heard a stand-in, but I was told that the stand-in represents a lot of the characteristics they’re looking for in the final voice-actor. The current voice had a slightly raspy yet youthful quality; an external confidence that seemed to hint at vulnerability.

Lukass Asks: How often will Lara fight?

GS>> Combat has yet to be fully revealed, but Lara does seem to be a reluctant warrior who will have to grow into her role as someone who needs to fight to survive. I suspect it won’t be endless gun battles, but more directed moments of combat. And I do know that the lock-on targeting of the past has been eliminated in favor of a more modern approach to gunplay/combat.

TheRCroft Asks: From what you've seen, is there any moment of the game when it's shown how the ship crashed or some of Lara's past history, or the game will begin exactly with Lara in the cocoon with no flashbacks or something then?

GS>> Not sure. What I saw might be the beginning of the game, but it’s likely to change as the development continues onward. I didn’t actually see the ship crash, by the way!

Silver Wolf Asks: It sounds like a lot of the game is surviving outside in the elements. That sounds awesome, but how much time will we be spending doing the traditional TR activities; e.g., exploring tombs, solving puzzles, and finding treasures?

GS>> Hard so say, but the team made a big point of mentioning their desire for balance in the gameplay, so players will be constantly doing new things: exploring, solving environmental challenges, combat, and back again.

Awestruck Asks: In past games, Lara's animations have lacked fluidity which takes away from the realism in her movements. This applies even, or especially, when they motion captured her. How does this game compare to others in that aspect, and is it still open for improvement?

GS>> I’m sure the team would prefer to avoid direct comparisons, but I can’t help bring up Uncharted 2, if only for Nathan Drake’s natural movement through his world. Right now, from what I saw, Lara’s movements are in the same realm.

Beans-Bot Asks: How varied are the environments you saw? So far everything seems to be caves and swamps, are there any radically different looking areas of the island (such as snow-capped mountains, grassy fields, etc)?

GS>> I saw some underground areas and some above ground areas of the island where Lara is shipwrecked. It’s a big island, with diversity above and below. I did see mountains off in the distance, and the team tells me everything I saw, Lara can (and will) explore.

Rachie737 Asks: Crystal Dynamics describe the game as a “survival-adventure.” Do you think Tomb Raider will create a whole new genre of gaming? Does Lara answer the call for more in-depth and realistic female protagonists?

GS>> I’m not sure if Crystal is looking to create a new genre of gaming. Survival, here, is more of a thematic element unifying everything the game has to offer, both in terms of gameplay and story. This is an action-adventure game at its core, with a strong narrative driving it forward. And yes, I think this new Lara is a great example (so far) of a more realistic female protagonist.

Vilcabambaby Asks: Do you think the reboot will make Lara relevant once again in the gaming world?

GS>> I certainly hope so. It’s why I put her on the cover of my magazine!

19th May 2011, 08:53
Thanks for the answers. The game seems more and more interesting as the information emerge.

19th May 2011, 15:53
Brilliant! I can't wait to see some of it!
And it seems the Tomb Raider Forums beat us as question asking :)