View Full Version : Lara clothes logo

25th Apr 2011, 07:37
If Lara had writing on her T or jacket, what would she choose?

Here's one I just saw;


25th Apr 2011, 19:37
It would so say........

Live life to the fullest or die trying

26th Apr 2011, 00:03
I was gonna say it'd say "WARNING: Contents under pressure!" but then I realized people might think I was refering to her breasts. So... "El riesgo siempre viva!" (if I can evoke a little... Vasquez?).

That or a "Spam" t-shirt. "Spam" as in the meat in a can. I figure odds are good she's eaten it a time or two on an adventure and would probably endorse it. Plus they come in light blue (the shirts, not the meat).

26th Apr 2011, 06:11
I like the idea of Her Ladyship wearing "contents under pressure" across her chest. You'd need quite a big font.