View Full Version : So I just got TRT for the ps3 ..

2nd Apr 2011, 16:10
and I cant beat those 2 dudes on the horses on Anniversery. I try swimming back down to the switch, but only one will kill himself. You cant pick the shield back up from the dead one, its embedded into the ground, and the dodge / sureshot doesnt work. This is a big issue ...help ?

Secondily, Im a relatively new TR fan, despite being in my 30's lol ... is there any possible small glimmer of hope anything between TR 2 and TR Angel of Darkness can be remade the way they did the 1st one ? I tried downloading TR 2,3, and Last Revelation on the PS network, I couldnt even find chronicles on there, but regardless, the graphics were so bad I couldnt tell the sky from the grass and the lack of decent controls or the ability to assign buttons diff at the very least killed any desire whatsoever I had to play the earlier games, but if they redid them id scoop them up in a heartbeat. Anyone else second this desire ?

3rd Apr 2011, 03:59
You have to use the adrenaline dodge in this boss fight and it can be a real nightmare. Try going in the option menu and altering the combat mode to advanced toggle and it seems to help. When the centaurs charge and the screen blurs dodge to the side, add a crawl button press and then shoot when the two targets overlap. after that quickly grapple the shield off the centaur. The shield can then reflect the green medusa style beam and turn the centaurs to stone. Repeat again for the other one. Takes quite alot of practice and the adrenaline dodge move may be the hardest thing to do in the whole game.

I think CD have a huge amount on their plate with the reboot so I don't see any more remakes coming in a while. My advice is to stick with the classic games despite the graphics and build up skills with the controls. When you get used to the old controls they become easier to use and show more precision than the new ones. If you can get by those you will discover some truely vast amazing games. Tomb Raider 2 is especially brilliant and in my top 3 games of all time but it does have quite a sharp difficulty curve in the first few levels.

4th Apr 2011, 13:40
I havent tried that yet but I will thanks. ... any particular reason when I try my first method the one that kills himself drops his shield only for it to be unable to be picked up ? its embedded in the ground