View Full Version : Please I Need Help To Setup Batman Arkham Asylum

26th Mar 2011, 13:53
The Install Stops And Give Me This Error .
http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/8d13a21e3f.jpg (http://www.freeimagehosting.net/)
Then When I Press Ok ,
http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/b61fd561b8.jpg (http://www.freeimagehosting.net/)
Then The Install Stops And Nothing Happen ,
I Tried To Setup Windows XP To Try To Setup The Game And The Same Happens ,
Please I Need Help .

28th Mar 2011, 03:15
Hey I Need Some Body To Help Me In This Problem ?
Is There Any One Admin At Least Or Old Member ?
Please I Need Help In This Problem .

1st May 2011, 05:16
Please Some Body Help Me ?
Where Is The Admin ?

1st May 2011, 05:17
Please Some Body Help Me ?
Where Is The Admin ?


1st May 2011, 21:34
Try copy the whole dvd to your hd, if that doesnt work either your dvd writer or disc is corrupt.

2nd May 2011, 01:44
I Tried To Do But It Doesn't Work Please I Need To Setup It .
Any Body Can Help Me Please ?
Can Admin Help Me To Setup The Game ?

5th May 2011, 15:39
Dude if its not working then what u expect magic... exchange the disc or dvd drive.