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18th Mar 2011, 18:17
Just a thought; but wouldn't it be something if the Tomb Raider series was set in the 1920's or the 1890's? Being an aristocrat and owning a mansion was a far more relevant thing in the Charles Dickens-era. Also: there were far more archeological things to discover and most places of the world were more wilder than today...

18th Mar 2011, 22:54
Actually this is something I've thought of before... not so much that far back in time but for me I love the era's of the 50's and 60's. They are the era's that tend to fill up my iPod and I, a lot of the time wish I was born then.

Just the whole Dino Paul Crocetti (Dean Martin) and Frank Sinatra days... sigh.

But I think the main reason I'd like that to occur is the it would be that the references would be brilliant.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHHycrYm840&feature=fvst - Now that would be oddly fitting for the reboot. Hold tight.:rasp:

Sorry, I'll stop raving about my love of the older decades as really modern world is absolutely rubbish. So I'd be interested in seeing something approach it and use the era but not just for the crime aspect.

Mind your idea would be more suitable.

19th Mar 2011, 12:40
Perhaps a game revolving around Amelia Croft?

19th Mar 2011, 12:51
Perhaps a game revolving around Amelia Croft?

I think you're on to something there! I'd check out a game that featured Lara's mother or father. Sounds like a cool idea for DLC to me, or as an extra level type thing (like "All Hallows" in TR3 for example, only this time you play as Lara's mother or father)

20th Mar 2011, 08:25
I've liked the way they have jumped around in time so far.. Chronicles, Underworld, and now the new one.. The games/movies have always eluded to her mother and fathers adventures.. I don't know about a whole game dedicated but some DLC would be worth it..

21st Mar 2011, 09:24
Interesting...I hadn't thought of that before.

21st Mar 2011, 21:35
The idea is really interesting, although I'm not really fond this.
Tomb Raider itself is already set in the past. I actually like the way in which Lara represents the present in the game.

25th Mar 2011, 12:09
i think it would be cool if it was set in the 80's that would be pretty funky lol ;)

25th Mar 2011, 12:17
i think it would be cool if it was set in the 80's that would be pretty funky lol ;)

Actually it work out that way, dpending on date of birth and all that. I can't remeber years people are born so that stuffs me up, but what year would the character be 21?:scratch:

22nd Apr 2011, 19:25
Imagine Lara in a sparkling disco suit full of sequins. Lol that would be hilarious!!!