View Full Version : Need a new store!

16th Apr 2014, 13:36
The company that is running your store is terrible! I will never buy anything again from your store as long as DR is running it. I'm going to keep this as short as possible.

I order my copy of Drakengard 3 Collectors edition back in February. I had to contact them because the card I had used expired and they kept telling me it was my banks problem. I contacted my bank and they said they can't promise it would go through I kept trying to work with DR because they promised to investigate what they could do. After that I just kept getting bullied and the same answers over and over and finally they asked me to cancel it and reorder. I told them no because it is out of stock. The next morning I was met with three order canceled emails. I didn't ask for that! I didn't want that! I contacted their customer service on phone and they kept telling me there was nothing they could do and told me AGAIN to just reorder! I told them I couldn't because it wasn't available and I ordered it so early to secure I would get it!

Stuff happens to credit cards they get stolen, expire, turned off, ect. I can't control that! I understand it's policy but you need to go with a company that allows you to change the payment information if something happens. I never experienced or had any sort of problem like this at all and it makes me sick to my stomach and I am in tears about losing my product. A game series I've been with since it started.

I am displeased with this and they have nearly 600 complaints on the BBB website most having to do with bad customer service. I can't believe that you would go with a company that would be doing this to its customers. I myself have contacted the BBB on this company and will be writing and article about this. I can't believe you have a company with you that believes it's okay to do that to people.