View Full Version : Jack Ryder confirmed for AC - now what of the Creeper?

Turn and Face the Strange
4th Mar 2011, 17:19
From G4TV's demo review:

"So on our way to the courthouse, we decide to stop and help out a citizen who is being harassed. Turns out the man is news reporter, and franchise veteran, Jack Ryder."

So Jack Ryder physically appears in the game - perhaps we'll be seeing the Creeper too if that's the case?

Read more: http://www.g4tv.com/games/xbox-360/63090/batman-arkham-city/articles/73768/Batman-Arkham-City-GDC-2011-Preview/#ixzz1FeV8j6MI

4th Mar 2011, 19:35
That would be a rather...interesting team-up, to say the least. I just hope they manage to keep his craptastic ret-conned origin out of it.

Batman The Trailer Hunter
5th Mar 2011, 18:33