View Full Version : Idea for emote

3rd Mar 2011, 19:47
this is a one mans idea and it doesnt mean everyone
will like it so dont be hursh on me. if you dont like it
ppl you dont have to waist time posting anything

i would like to propose an emote for lara croft.
we all know that lara is involeved mostly in diving
into water or getting wet constantly. the thing is
i would like to see her when she gets out of the
water to dry her hair squesing her hair. i think all
understand what i m talking about and i think it
would make her seem more realistic.

3rd Mar 2011, 20:43
theres one animation in legend when she gets out of the water but all she does is shake her head and yeah that is a good idea but i think you would have to press a key to activate it but i think that would require lara moving her hands and enabling hair physics but good. but i don't think she would have the time if those weird stalkerish people mutant things are following her

7th Mar 2011, 03:51
For later games, maybe, but for this one it just seems too out of place. She's fighting for her life, so I don't think "drying hair" would be at the top of her to do list. I can see how it would fit into later games, though. But I don't think she'd really be conscious of wet hair in this specific situation...
And pressing a button to make it happen is just pointless. If you have to do that, then why put it in?