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24th Feb 2011, 09:56

sorry if there already is a thread about that, but i couldn't find any. please post the link, if there is.

after playing k&l2, which worked perfectly fine, i rememberd buying the eidos complete pack on steam 2 years ago. i found the original k&l in the list and wanted to play.

so i jumped right in and found it pretty entertaining. BAD thing is, after 1 hour of play, i quit and wanted to go on later. but... the game wasn't saved!

this all happens on win7 64-bit. the other specs aren't important to this problem i guess. the game itself runs flawlessly.

that stupid gfwl tells me at the start of the game: a player has signed in (never had that in any other gfwl game). pressing enter lets me go on.

then the game reports: a savegame has been found. but always restarts from the beginning. after pressing ESC, there is no way to choose: load game or continue or anything, just the campaign (and the rest like options, etc.)

i hope someone is still reading this forum and am looking for help. do i just have to play through the game in one rush? did that with k&l2..

thank you

25th Feb 2011, 10:00
KL1 only let you to choose the chapter so if you don't finish chapter 2 then next time you have to restart chapter 2 again .

26th Feb 2011, 01:34
thx for you reply!

i checked on youtube walkthru where chapter 2 starts, and i'm unhappy to say i was way farther than chapter 2 beginning.

still the game enters at the very beginning after a restart.

guess i must play it through in one rush then.

26th Feb 2011, 10:37
KL1 save files are here (win XP):

\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\kaneandlynch\

28th Feb 2011, 00:26
i've found the savegame location for win 7, it's:


but still...

it must be soemthing with gfwl i guess. thx for your concern jam13!

i'll go for the playthrough in one rush i guess (as soon as i have 4 - 5 hrs time left).