View Full Version : Gamepad recognized, then disappeared permanently

23rd Feb 2011, 17:49
I launched GoL for the first time after installing on Steam. I played a single player game for a few minutes when I realized it might be nicer with a gamepad instead of the frustrating mouse/keyboard combo.

My Saitek P880 was plugged in, so I went to options to see if there was controller support.

On the Controller options, I clicked on the Gamepad and the word "disabled" changed to "Saitek P880". I configured my buttons and began playing again, and everything was great. I did notice that the second analog stick needed to have its controls inverted, so I went back to the options screen.

This time I meant to click on the Invert option but my finger twitched and I inadvertently clicked on the Gamepad option, which toggled it to "disabled".

Now NOTHING I do can re-activate the gamepad! I cannot get it off "disabled" now no matter what! I have disconnected, re-connected the gamepad repeatedly, I have restarted the computer multiple times. What's going on here? It was just fine and only the simple act of toggling gamepad to off has caused it to permanently disable it.

I tried finding the location of the settings preferences or configuration files so I could delete them, but I can't figure out where GoL saves them.

I hope someone can give me a solution for this bizarre issue.

Eidos Support
28th Feb 2011, 11:19
Are you highlighting "disabled" and cycling left/right on the keyboard, or just clicking on it to change it?