View Full Version : Prospective Augmentation Builds?

22nd Feb 2011, 01:35
So... I guess at this point we don't know every single last aug that's going to be in the game...

But what do you want to see, and what kind of build are you aiming for?

Personally I can't get enough of those retractable arm blades, so I think I'm probably going to go heavily on the melee combined with stealth options to get up close and personal without being noticed.

Please excuse the noobness, it's been absolute yonks since I played a DE title.

22nd Feb 2011, 03:23
Personally I want something of everything. I always start stealth/social but if that doesn't work out I'll fight my through. I really prefer hand to hand combat in any game as well as nonlethal combat so I'll probably try a mostly stealth social hand to hand augmentation build. Also anything that gives me useful tactical information I'm for.

22nd Feb 2011, 03:42
Well, imagining you can get about 60% of the augs (and taking into account that the augs should all be split up into one the four design pillars: social, combat, stealth, and hacking), I'll probably focus primarily on stealth and social (each takes up 25% of the augs, presumably), and secondarily on hacking (the leftover 10%), putting absolutely nothing into combat.

The problem with this, of course, is that the augs are arranged into trees. I might have to get some combat augs just to get to my beloved stealth and social augs. So it's possible I wind up blowing off the hacking more than I plan to.

22nd Feb 2011, 05:39
I'll probably go for a Stealth/Social/Evasive build - This was my favourite method in the original DE. I fully intend to take many people down (dead or alive), but to do so without being noticed. Basically I'll do anything to prevent the alarms from going off - whatever it takes. Hacking might not be so good for that?

22nd Feb 2011, 07:29
Stealth, social and close range firearms to defend myself incase my cover gets blown. Might invest in some classy takedowns just incase too.

22nd Feb 2011, 12:20
Stealth, non pacifist, cyber-assassin style.

Then heavy-weapons-dude.

Then smooth-talking, silver-tongued Adam.

I dont like hybrid builds.

22nd Feb 2011, 13:51
Hacking an social pretty much all the way, with the rest probably devoted to combat. Really, I'm not going to go for a specific build, rather see which augs look fun on thier own and grabbing them pretty randomly, as far as the trees allow. Makes me feel more like a unique character.

Pretentious Old Man.
22nd Feb 2011, 14:08
Everything available for the arms. I'm not replacing any more bits of body, thanks very much! I don't want to end up as


22nd Feb 2011, 14:24
(Gave the following a little melody)



Shifty, You can't see me!

Making use of cover system - Makes it easy-peasy ;)

Pretentious Old Man.
22nd Feb 2011, 14:37
(Gave the following a little melody)



Shifty, You can't see me!

Making use of cover system - Makes it easy-peasy ;)

Science, military, consumer!

22nd Feb 2011, 14:59
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

22nd Feb 2011, 18:29
I'll play like I play every game...as a stealthy, fast assassin...blades, speed and stealth augs, silenced pistol and assault rifle, sniper rifle for long range kills if necessary, but no explosives or other loud stuff...