View Full Version : Could this be the new Tomb Raider 9 Theme or is it Fake?

18th Feb 2011, 23:00
I was looking for some Tomb Raider 9 videos and I found this video that sounded like it was a brand new theme for Tomb Raider 9.
Do you think it is an official theme, or has anyone heard it before and it's fake?
It sounds quite good though..

Here is the link:

18th Feb 2011, 23:15
It sounds just like a remake of one of the ending themes in Legend at one point (it uses the same lyrics, singer and melody). Since it has nothing to do with the Trilogy, it wouldn't make sense to homage that theme, so more likely it's fake.

Also considering it's a fan video, and not released or affiliated at all by CD.

19th Feb 2011, 13:55
Judging by the tune, it's from TR Legend... Which i don't think has been applied to it in the game.

19th Feb 2011, 14:04
It's definitely from TR: Legend, but remade. Sounds really pretty though. ^^