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dumah's wraith
12th Feb 2011, 11:57
There's that one shot at the start of SR2 where his eyes are entirely grey, irises a slightly darker shade. Most of the rest of the time they look quite normal, but as far as I know that's the only close up. Was there a reason for this, or am I mistaken?

12th Feb 2011, 12:40
Moebius' eyes are always shown to be whited, or grayed out in SR1's ending, through SR2 and Defiance. Blood Omen 1 only had solid white eyes. They've never been shown as "normal."

They seem to be suggesting that Moebius' actual eyes are like a blind man's, someone with severe cataracts. Yet, he can still see (probably due to his tether to the Pillars, or even more specific, to Time's power/the Pillar of Time). As for why Silicon Knights originally drew him up to look that way in BO1: it might have been to further accentuate a familiar look of a tipical blind oracle that still yet can see, told in many fairy tales/myths, etc. For an actual explanation to the story from all the games, I always felt this as a very stark example of what Kain meant when he told Raziel that "as a man" once he peered into the timestream and saw all of those possible outcomes and everything, he could "never have contained such forbidden truths." Well, Moebius, being a human to start off with, his body might be displaying one of the physical side effects a human would have suffered if they peered into those forbidden truths. However, Moebius' power lets him still see and be sane.

Moebius isn't the only one whose eyes aren't normal. Mortanius' eyes in both BO1 and Defiance are whited out completely (when not glowing green from the Hylden Lord's possession). This could also be from his otherwise extraordinary ability to have seen into the realm of the dead (Spectral/the Underworld). Perhaps it is even due to the constant possession of the Hylden Lord that his eyes have physically deteriorated. Whichever, his powers also allow him still to see, it seems.

12th Feb 2011, 22:29
hmm.. I have always thought that the colour his eyes and of the others were cause of the corruption or something

12th Feb 2011, 23:43
No, both Moebius and Mortanius are shown in the time right after Vorador assaults the Circle 500 years before the corruption set into Nosgoth and their eyes appear the same: Mortanius, in BO1 condemning Malek for failing the circle has the same whited-out eyes; Moebius, in SR2 chastising Raziel when he has Malek trap him in the chamber with the Blood Reaver.

And Turel actually is a confirmed illustration to my statement about Moebius' eyes. As noted in The Dark Chronicle:

Turel, in his devolved/evolved form, was partially sighted; this is confirmed by Prima's Official Defiance Strategy Guide. He didn't really see Raziel; rather, he determined his identity and position using his other senses. This type of trade-off - one sense weakened (sight) in preference of another (hearing) - had a precedent in Rahab, who lost his resistance to sunlight in Soul Reaver

That grayed-out look to his eyes is meant to show his near complete loss of sight.

dumah's wraith
15th Feb 2011, 11:53
Correct, I think. It's less pronounced in Defiance, but he doesn't have 'normal' eyes. Duly noted.