View Full Version : "War Games" feeling to it....

11th Feb 2011, 12:22
Has anyone read War Games? You might recall it as being the story arc Stephanie Brown was tortured by Black Mask.

I was reading it again this week. I must confess: if Arkham City has its atmosphere based around that, it would be awesome. The city being overrun, only the Bat-family able to keep the gangs at bay.

I'm inclined to even say that it was initially based around it, I'm sorry if this was even already stated by any developers, as I don't keep close track to the news around the game.

The New Blueguy
11th Feb 2011, 13:14
Honestly it seems more like Prey meets No Man's Land minus the earthquake, if you ask me. Though I've never read War Games, so there could be similarities I'm not aware of.

Matches Malone
11th Feb 2011, 14:54
It's obvious that they pulled inspiration from both War Games/Drums/Crimes & No Man's Land. Both are great books in which Gotham has fallen under chaos.