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9th Feb 2011, 23:46
I'm stuck on expert mission. 70% loot, but still 20% needed, plus 2 special loot, before I can have a sabotage party. I already cleared the lower tower area, but since I couldn't find any more loot, I decided to backtrack to the upper tower. Must have missed a lot then.
Well, that's when the trouble starts:
I can't seem to move away from the church-like space with the high towery construction in the center. Sure, I can climb up all the way, but somehow this area seems to have gone hermetic and changed since I left it for the lower tower area. There's only those guards with wands, who seem equally trapped on their miserable steel grate platforms.

So how can I find a way of moving further up and away from there?
Please no one say that I'll have to start the whole mission again!

10th Feb 2011, 01:10
You need to climb back up the central tower at the middle level. It is tricky. There also is some loot on a beam in the corner up high in the ne corner I think.

Here are a couple of ways to climb back up the tower.


Not knowing what loot you have it's hard to try to help you out.

There is a chest when you enter the tower, there is a special diamond gear, there is a expensive wine bottle, there are goods in the barracks. I could go on but you get the idea.

11th Feb 2011, 21:37
Well yeah, the gear and the bottle were the items I still needed to find. Could find the gear on my own, but cheated a little to track down the bottle:whistle:. But when I got the bottle, I had 100% of the loot, so hey!
Many thanks for the climbing tip, btw. I'd grown pretty tired of that tower, and I was a bit embarrassed by the trail of blackjack victims. But I guess that's not as ugly as a trail of corpses, 'cause some guards must have kids at home, don't they?

11th Feb 2011, 22:49
Getting back up that tower is a tough one. As you can see from the thread, there is more than one way.

Now that you are done and on your way Under the pendelum in the crawlspace there are goodies. Potions and other helpful items

Glad you made it.