View Full Version : Reinstallation - Missions gone

9th Feb 2011, 17:52
Hey everyone...

I had to reinstall Windows a few weeks ago. Now i installed Battlestations... after my Login all my won missions were gone and i cannot switch to other planes/ships (those who come with won missions).
Isn´t that progress saved in my Live profile? I don´t want to play all missions again to play those planes ... :mad2:
Some way to get it back? Or something i forgot to do?

2nd Mar 2011, 08:26
This is common I'm sad to say. This happens when you dashboard or turn off your system while in the loading screen or in your after-action battle report. IMPORTANT, your must go to the main menu then dashboard or turn off your system. This is the only safe way to do it without being "reset". If you are reset, you must start all over from scratch. Please note that you can however backup your save data on a jump drive and reload from that.