View Full Version : Silly timer hud issue in Challenge Modes

9th Feb 2011, 08:42
I fired up a challenge mode only to find that the stupid timer is right in the middle on the left hand side of the screen, right accross Batman as the camera is also ofset to the right.

This really kills it... running around with this timer blocking the view...

Anyone else bothered by this... I am playing on a 40" tv PS3 version.

Who ever designed it to sit there is needs to play a bit himself. Why can it not be tucked in to the corner? or better yet get rid of timed modes completely.

I hope the next installment will have a better hud option for the different modes.

9th Feb 2011, 13:19
How did you get a timer? I want one!

Unless I'm going crazy dressed like a bat, there is no timer in the HUD for this game.

9th Feb 2011, 15:49
geez I would like your copy :) There is no timer in campaing/story mode.. only in the Challenge modes/downloadable content modes but it is placed really, really stupidly and obtrusively and no way to move or hide it...

9th Feb 2011, 16:27
Oh, wow I had such a memory blank. Yes I do know that timer. It shouldn't be in the way unless you're counting certain moves (i.e. grappling, or using corner cover) It seemed pretty unobtrusive to me, maybe you just don't like knowing how long it takes you to take out all the thugs? ;)