View Full Version : TR2 Golden Mask - no music on Win7 64-bit

7th Feb 2011, 15:06
I've had no trouble installing or playing TR2 Gold - the Golden Mask on Windows 7 64-bit, and there are sound effects, but no music. You can tell immediately because the opening theme doesn't play at the main menu. I've tried the multi-patch, the official Eidos patch, compatibility settings, running the game from the first optical drive, etc. all to no avail.

I'd just like to know whether anybody else has run the Golden Mask on Win7 64-bit and gotten the music, and if so, what is the install procedure? Also, do you have to install an audio cable running from your optical drive?

Thanks eveybody. :)

7th Feb 2011, 22:37
Update: I had a really tough time getting the Gold levels to run with music. Here's the problem I had, and the fix.

1) As others have mentioned, if you have more than one optical drive, or virtual optical drives, TR2Gold must be run from the lowest lettered one.

2) And here's the part I had to fix to get it to run (this worked both under WinXP and Win7 64-bit): The lowest-lettered drive must also be "CD-ROM 0" when viewed in the Disk Management utility (Computer Management | Disk Management). It is possible to have the lowest lettered drive be CD-ROM 1 or CD-ROM 2, etc.

BOTH the above conditions must hold for TR2Gold to run with all the music intact.