View Full Version : FFXIV for PS4: So how was your experience?

14th Apr 2014, 17:36
I am playing this game to weigh what two MMos I want. This one or the 'other' one coming out in June. This game gave me a head start on seeing how I like it. So this is what I call the 'full package' thoughts on the PS4 release. I would like you guys take on it.

1. Ordering: Clear cut. at first then the issue arise the Square Enix site and the ordering website both said it wasn't going to be sent out until April 14th it's official release date. That caused me to scramble and try to cancel. In the end it worked out just fine they sent it a tad early like most games are and if they just have posted they would I wouldn't have worried so. Regardless I won't order from the sight because it took me three days and the wonderful team that is on chat to give me PROPER information.

2. Early Access: Nothing but a total nightmare. After fighting to learn if it was being sent early or not come to find out they never sent my EA code even though others already had already gotten them. Eventually after two days of fighting I got mine.

3: Game arrival: Without a hitch no complaints.

4: Opening day: I would have panicked but having Early Access I was riding out the issues and they just now fixed them at time of writing. Honestly, compared to what occurred prior this was a sweet dream of a error.

5: The game: Standard fair for MMOs. Final Fantasy Theme. The sky and brightness from the 'sun' really makes it feel warm and sunny. Something most games can't capture well. That really stood out for me. The game is a joy especially with friends. I mean if you are into MMos this is a primo choice for the PS4. No real MMo fan would think bad for choosing this game. Not at all. Standard isn't a bad thing when it should be standard to have fun which I am having a lot of. =)

Square Enix? Fire your PS4 FFARR promoters and that horrid web purchasing company your using. They are confusing me and a lot of others without need. Also make the information for info on the PS4 located on facebook more easily accessible and the info about having issues using US registration codes other than the front page of the PS4 since most people don't click on them. (took forever to track those two very important articles.)

So overall it's two parts.

Service: D-

Game: B+