View Full Version : How to prevent rank reset

28th Jan 2011, 06:15
I play KL2 PC version and I think rank reset is a really annoying thing.
When I open the game and check my stats , my rank always appears 8 everytime.
Finally , I find it . It's a weird thing :scratch:
If you pickup enemies weapons in the First round (whatever in Rank match or Arcade), your rank will really be resetted to 8 .
You can do anything in round 1 but just don't pickup weapons (ammo is ok), or select "Quit" then check your stats it should correct now .

So....... will IO and Nixxes fix these problem (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=112762)?:hmm:

28th Jan 2011, 07:35
What problems, bro?

29th Jan 2011, 03:51
Missing shadow effects