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28th Jul 2012, 01:17
"A history of Heartless, Nobodies, heroes and mice.

Some of you may have no problem keeping track of Kingdom Hearts. Congratulations, you win at life. For everyone else, here's a rundown of everything you need to know for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance..."

www.gamesradar.com/kingdom-hearts-primer... (http://www.gamesradar.com/kingdom-hearts-primer/)

28th Jul 2012, 16:31
Here's another source of pretty much the same info, but with Nomura interview translations added in and not broken up into 50+ different pages :P

kh-info-block.tumblr.com/ (http://kh-info-block.tumblr.com/)

28th Jul 2012, 17:43
I thought the gamesradar one was a good laugh.

28th Jul 2012, 17:56
Oops, didn't read it and thus didn't know you were going for the funny summary route. You seen this one? Hahahaha

docs.google.com/file/d/0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4... (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4MTVlZTctMjE5Yi00YzAzLWJjZTAtZTllODY2OTc2MTMx/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1)

30th Jul 2012, 10:50
Oops, didn't read it and thus didn't know you were going for the funny summary route. You seen this one? Hahahaha

docs.google.com/file/d/0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4... (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8cPyvE2GTjOMzE4MTVlZTctMjE5Yi00YzAzLWJjZTAtZTllODY2OTc2MTMx/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1)

Page 29: "But they become friends with this guy, who's more or less in love with this guy" LOL

30th Jul 2012, 22:18
go kingdom hearts


18th Aug 2012, 23:25
******** Story Spoilers for KH3D ahead!! You have been warned********************

So I just finished KH3D and watched the secret ending. First off everyone is saying there is the "III" at the end of the credits but I never saw it. So where is it?

Second off I thought we had the seven heroes of the light: Sora, Riku, Mickey, Ventus, Terra, Aqua and either Lea or Roxas. But bringing in Kiari to fight? What the heck? Isn't she one of the seven princesses of heart? She needs to be protected not be put on the front lines.

I like how everyone took, in the game, Riku becoming a Keyblade Master and not Sora. It was very well done. I especially liked how Sora reacted. I thought he would get depressed or upset but he was happy for his friend and that brought a smile to my face :).

Last thing, WTF is up with this whole "Reconnect Kingdom Hearts" thing. We had that line at the end of every secret ending for the last 3 games: Birth by Sleep, Re:Coded and 3D. I would like this(at some point) to be made clear. I just hope this gets answered in the future "Kingdom Hearts III". They keep throwing that line at us so it better mean something in the long run of things.

All in all I liked 3D's end. It started to get very convoluted towards the end but cleaned up nicely at the end explaining everything that was going on. At first when you enter into The World That Never Was I was extremely confused where the story was and was going but thankfully took a turn for the best and cleared itself up.

And now I wait for Nomura and team to finish Versus XIII so I can play that masterpiece and so they can start development on Kingdom Hearts III so I can get some closure to this ark.

18th Aug 2012, 23:54
You can roughly see the "III" at the end of the credits when Riku and Sora step into the light. Their shadow silhouettes form a "III".

I thought the same thing too about Kairi, but now that I think about it, it'd be better for her to know how to protect herself than to be a sitting duck and have people protect her, you know? And I don't think Terra counts because he was used as a vessel for Master Xenahort.

Riku becoming a keyblade master was a big twist in the story. I thought they would both pass, but Sora just had to get too deep into the dream *sigh*

As for the "Reconnect Kingdom Hearts" thing, I'm still confused about that too.

KH3D was really fun. The gameplay made me love the game even more. Flowmotion is just...genius. It was the first game I preordered and I have no regrets about it. Next game to preorder will be FFXIII Versus haha xD

19th Aug 2012, 00:30
all will be revealed in time

19th Aug 2012, 01:25
Personally, I saw it in how they showed DiZ, Roxas and Xion, and then Terra, Aqua, and Ven at the end, not only are they done in sets of three, but it could be taken as a progression from KH1 (DiZ is separated from Roxas and Xion by text), to KH2 (Roxas and Xion), and finally to KH3 (Terra, Aqua, and Ven).

I don't know how everyone didn't see it coming, really--Riku did give Kairi a Keyblade to fight with in KH2, and they took the time to explain it in BBS, so obviously it was going to be an important element in the storyline--just like all these people throwing a fit over Lea getting a Keyblade--considering 3D managed to show that Normura is either crazy, or a freaking amazing planner, I'm sure he's got a plot purpose as well, be it because Terra isn't counted since he's still under Xehanort's control or because something's going to happen to someone later on, I dunno, but the drives me insane. That aside, hasn't it been proved that not only does Kairi NEED to know how to protect herself, but that she's also not a dainty little princess? She proved she wanted to fight in KH2--let the girl learn to fight; maybe now she'll stop being used/getting kidnapped/need to be saved because she has no defense other than her hands and legs, which are pretty pitiful compared to the weapons everyone else has.

I'm glad to see that there's someone out there who isn't complaining about Riku getting the spotlight rather than Sora for once. There's a lot of complaints about that, too. I personally thought it was awesome, and Sora took it amazingly as well, which is certainly a plus.

I dunno about what everyone else thinks, but personally, I'm thinking what they're talking about is that all those game will eventually reconnect together in KH3, but I might just be reading into things a bit too much.

They really did a good job of cleaning up the confusion that they started with in TWTNW by the end of the game, which I thought was pretty cool--I was just as confused as Sora was, if not more, up until the end of the game myself. XD

I dunno about Versus XIII, but I would certainly like to get on with the story now. XD

19th Aug 2012, 01:51
Granted Kiari should know (and learn) how to protect herself. That being said she is one of the princesses of heart! The prophecy never said anything about one of the princesses becoming a keyblade wielder and also becoming one of the seven heroes of light. I don't know, it just seems like that was just thrown in for the shock and awe factor. I am still not sure how I feel about it. I trust Nomura as he always makes awesome stories, however this just doesn't feel... right. Or maybe it's just me. I don't know.

Just the idea of Kiari training to protect herself and others spells all kinds of trouble and foreshadowing. It's almost an unnessisary risk. It's not like Yen Sid to make a risky decision like this. Then again he's almost been forced to have her trained but having her fight with Sora and crew is just begging for Xehanort to come and get her.

P.S. I LOVE the fact they got Linord Nimoy to reprise his role. Hopefully they can make KH3 before he retires for good or (god forbid) kicks the bucket.

19th Aug 2012, 02:35
Okay I found all those letters in the credits popping up strange so I watched the end credits again (after Sora drops) and I pieced all the letters together! It says:

This Leads to Kingdom Hearts

And after the last letter S, symbolism of 3's pop up:

-3 characters on top of the S

-3 characters on the bottom of the S

-Sora Riku and Mickey on the right side of the screen

-DiZ, Roxas and Xion after that

-Terra, Ventus and Aqua after them

-Then after all that the light that beams between Sora and Riku clearly see III.

So the final message is... wait for it:

"This leads to Kingdom Hearts III"

Tell me I am not awesome ;).

19th Aug 2012, 08:47
Even down to Lea getting his keyblade, they have made it somewhat apparent that conguring one isn't all that easy. So I think it is kinda forced that Kairi be a wielder now too. I figure what safer place does she have then beside Sora and Riku anyway? and now that Lea is in the mix - he'll do what he can for Sora due to his bond to Roxas, at least, that's how I feel about it. So I think things may be better this way in the long run, kinda the whole together we stand, devided we fall. Just look at how Riku was able to be manipulated in KH1 and then Sora in this (being forced to dive deeper). If they have eachother hopefully they can keep one another sensable. Like in the end of KH2 where Riku and Sora fought together, you knew together they would kick-a$$, there was a little less sence of danger there, if you ask me.

19th Aug 2012, 14:01
One last question. The data DiZ gave Riku when he dived into Sora's dream world again. What is up with that? DiZ told him that Sora woke up when he defeated nightmare Ventus so.... What's up with the Data Riku has when he leaves? It just kind of seems like they just dropped it when Riku woke up.

19th Aug 2012, 15:24
The whole situation in the game has caused Yen Sid to take a few risks--Lea was one of them, and that aside, it seems he wasn't aware until recently that Kairi was capable of wielding a Keyblade. Her having a Keyblade makes her more of an accidental wielder than Sora, and her not knowing how to use it properly would make her a sitting duck and put her in MORE danger than she's already in since she's a princess of heart. Not to mention that no matter what, sje has this habit of following Sora and Riku wherever they go, whether it's intentional or not, and like Saria3 said, being with Sora, Riku, and possibly Lea (who now has a kidnapping to apologize/make up for) is probably the safest thing for her anyway. Not only would she know how to fight, but she'd be around friends willing to protect her. It makes more sense than knowing she is capable and just letting her go on with her life--that leaves her more of a target than teaching her how to fight and putting her with her best friends.

As for the data, chances are it's now in Riku, as I highly doubt something from Sora's dreams/heart/whatever it was by that point could have been taken to the outside world. The only logical follow up is that it's ekther now inside Riku and he's not sure how to get to it, or that the grabbing it and trying to take it back with him gave him the knowledge of what was in the data.

30th Aug 2012, 19:53
Those are some possibilities, but if need be, they can probably use the device they used to digitize the journal in Re:Coded to get to it. As for Kairi becoming a keyblade wielder, I'm with you, I saw that coming ever since Riku gave it to her in KH2 (that act, in and of itself, could have given her the ability to use it, and that's assuming that meeting Aqua when she was young, not to mention having her heart inside of Sora for all that time, and therefore connected to Ven's heart, didn't already give her that ability.), and I think that, not only should Kairi learn to use the keyblade, I think that she should be a playable character in the next game, her and Lee, and maybe Ven too, since Sora and Riku are already really powerful, and you can't start out a game with a high level character like that unless you give a really good explination as to why the character is suddenly level one again (it made sense in KH3D because Sora and Riku had to learn how to fight in dreams, and when Sora had to learn to fight with cards in CoM, and when he had been sleeping for a long time at the start of KH2, but it's becoming really repetitive, so it'll be nice to have some new characters to play as.). I know that Lee is already a good fighter, but he's still just starting out with the keyblade, so it makes sense for him to start out at a low level, and Ven has been sleeping for even longer than Sora did (although I'm not entirely sure if he's even awake yet), so (although it's still using a repetitive excuse) it makes sense to have him as a level 1 character, and of course, Kairi's only experience fighting (apart from any fights she might have had on destiny isles) has been swinging around her keyblade at some shadows in the world that never was (which was actually pretty impressive, considering the level of the heartless in that place, and the fact that her fighting style was even worse than Sora's was in KH1, which is really saying something.), so it'd make sense for them to be sent out on some small missions to gain some real world experience using their keyblades (you can only learn so much in training), but of course, these "small missions" have to get out of hand in some way (hopefully in several ways), and force them to get much stronger in order to survive. I just hope that they don't bring the dream eaters back in any way, they were annoying as hell. I really preferred getting abilities by mixing commands or clever placement of data chips, or simply by leveling up, having to train all those dream eaters was a pain.

14th Sep 2012, 13:07
I'm personally happy they're going to make Kairi a keyblade weilder, she's my favorite character for one thing, and it symbolizes a change. Everything is connected. ^_^

23rd Sep 2012, 16:30
I must say that I agree with a few of the other people who have posted here: Kairi's ability to wield a Keyblade was predictable, considering that Riku gave her one to fight with in KH2. I also admire Square Enix for giving Kairi more power, so she can protect herself instead of having to rely on Sora and Riku all the time. It definitely falls under Disney’s trend of progressively stronger, more independent female characters.

However, I think what I'd like to know most is, will we be able to see how much Kairi can learn and grow? And what about Lea? I agree with Ryutim in the fact that in KH3, we should be able to play as other characters than Sora and Riku. Don’t get me wrong, those guys are awesome (especially Riku), but I’d also like to see how the other characters react to certain things, and how each of their stories play out. I’m not sure how many characters Square can allow us to play; however, if you ask me, I think putting KH3 on PS3 already provides a lot of room to switch points of view a few times.

Anyway, I’m rambling. But in short, I want to see how other characters, especially new Wielders like Kairi and Lea, play out before the imminent Keyblade War! Can’t wait!

23rd Sep 2012, 16:49
Isn't a keyblade war is what they're supposed to prevent.

23rd Sep 2012, 16:51
Sorry about the typo forgot about this "?" Sorry.

26th Sep 2012, 18:24
^Zack, yeah that is true, all of the defenders of light are trying to prevent a Keyblade War, but didn't Yen Sid also mention that despite all of their efforts, a Keyblade War is bound to happen?

5th Feb 2013, 12:15
Theories are all well in good... but if Xigbar was under Xenmas why did he order Xenmas to attack Sora in DDD? he mentioned he was half Xehanort is that more then Xenmas?

Then theres Ansem the wise... he seems to be helping the heros but could he be the oblivious "other" half of the coin while Xehanort seek balance Ansem seeks unbalance and wants to cause it? Xehanorts methods are menancing but why is light a tyranny? And who was the master that taught xehanort and Eraqus? Ansem is station his "Data" right in Sora's heart is it a danger?

What made Yen sid "doff" his mantle of master?

Terra's will is in his Armor , his heart and Eraqus heart is where?

Riku used the Kingdom key again could he summon it away from Sora forcably at anytime again?

If Xehanort manages to get Sora as his 13th will he look like Vanitas? or im thinking maybe All the hearts inside sora will splinter saving sora, then Roxas, Ven, Xion will help out?

9th Feb 2013, 03:14
Take for the matter of Riku replica who took Zexions power, could he not use that to create the illusion that he died?
A return of the story whats false? what are lies told to your eyes?

10th Feb 2013, 14:32
Axel died, what, three times? Probably more, but I never bothered to count. So why couldn't Riku replica still be alive?

10th Feb 2013, 15:43
exactly! thats what im saying! in the Japanese Manga of Chain of memories the replica is still alive! or is brought back

11th Feb 2013, 14:13
He and his happy gang of Vexen copies...I wonder what adventures they might...endure?

12th Feb 2013, 08:21
lol im surprised Grimoire i thought no one else save me would look so in depth at this game and Manga

12th Feb 2013, 09:02
Whatever I do, I do it thoroughly. ^_-

12th Feb 2013, 09:28
obviously, you got the japenese playstation to play the final mixes or just the chip to by pass the American coding?

12th Feb 2013, 09:36
Obviously (well, perhaps not so obviously), I haven't played a single Kingdom Hearts title. But I do have a sharp memory and I am quite talented when it comes to gathering information. After all, I always have to make the best out of the little time that has been given me. That's it.

12th Feb 2013, 09:39
well i hope you little bit of time given you is the same as everyone elses as we march towards death as an old man/women... surprising you would follow the series without playing it...?

12th Feb 2013, 09:44
While I don't have the time to play many games (only about three titles a year), I do happen to catch a few bits of information here and there every now and then. Besides, I like Nomura's designs, concepts, thinking and ideas.

12th Feb 2013, 09:47
While I don't have the time to play many games (only about three titles a year), I do happen to catch a few bits of information here and there every now and then. Besides, I like Nomura's designs, concepts, thinking and ideas.

judging by your Picture final fantasy 7 series seems to be what ya like....intrestingly enough ALOT of thier chacters made it to KH with Sephiroth as a major bonus villan.... heh was that your draw?

12th Feb 2013, 09:55
It is true that FINAL FANTASY VII is my favourite part of the FINAL FANTASY series, and that I had a special section for KINGDOM HEARTS and the series' connection to said title back in my SQUARE ENIX Group -FINAL FANTASY VII EXCAVATION-, but since I am no gamer it's more of a general interest. I simply enjoy good stories and the KH series and it's current saga is still veiled in mystery...so of course it's interesting to follow.

I clearly remember the first time I saw an add for the amazing new Disney/SQUARE collaboration project KINGDOM HEARTS in the Donald Duck Magazine.

13th Feb 2013, 08:53
So GRIMOIRE you'd probly agree and support the idea that i had that they should make all the series into a movie like their doing for 358/2 days in the 1.5 HD game before they release KH3 or after they complete the Seeker of Darkness saga?

13th Feb 2013, 10:25
To be frank, I personally don't have any opinions of my own regarding this. If they did, however, turn the entire saga into cinematic features/movies, wouldn't that mean that the videos would end up on the web as illegal downloads as soon as they were released and eventually less people would buy the games simply because it's easier to watch them instead of actually playing them? Perhaps it would be a good idea for the 20th anniversary though.

13th Feb 2013, 19:18
well i betcha if they stuck to the games script final fantasy 7 movie would blow advent childrens movie outta the water....

15th Feb 2013, 00:43
I don't know what everyone else would do, but I wouldn't stop playing the KH games just because they released a movie about them, they're way too good to just ignore them, even if you already know the whole story.

15th Feb 2013, 00:53
why would you stop playing? it would cause me to play more cuz i'd be like "OH yeah they got the movies out and Iwanna live it now! " lol

15th Feb 2013, 01:13
Yeah, same here, but Grimoire said that people might just watch the movies and not bother to play the games, they'd be missing out on gamer heaven if they did that, but that's their choice to make.

15th Feb 2013, 01:15
or the movies may promote the games! .... some of my friends make movies and took my word that kingdom hearts was good tried it and liked it but sighed it wasnt a movie first...

15th Feb 2013, 01:22
I guess it depends on who you're asking, some people wouldn't agree with us about this point.

15th Feb 2013, 01:25
heh maybe the movie could end at a critical spot with - play this game to find the answer....lol but that would kill me!

15th Feb 2013, 01:32
Yeah, same here. I think I'll play the games first, then watch the movies with the commentary on, and hopefully they'll have explinations about the games that have only been in the Ultimania books so far (but it has to be in english, or else it really doesn't help me).

15th Feb 2013, 01:38
ok now that Kingdom hearts 1 has and will be made 3 times..... KH Kh final mix, KhHDfm.... i think a movie should be fine by now ...how about you?

15th Feb 2013, 22:42
Actually, I think that it's been made 4 times, if I remember correctely, they first made it in japan, then added content for it's international release, then added more for the final mix, and now they're making it in HD, so if you count the additions as remakes, then it's been made 4 times. Anyway, yeah, I don't see any reason why they couldn't make a movie of KH1, but I've played it so many times already that I don't really see a point to making a movie of it unless they add some stuff that wasn't in the story already (well, maybe they could give a better explination as to how Sora came across the secret bosses, I mean, I'm not really sure to count some of them as being part of the story at all. I'm talking about Xemnas being in KH1FM, as well as Ven, Aqua, and Terra all being able to fight Vanitas' remnant in BBS, and if beating him isn't actually a part of the story, then does he exist as something that Xehanort could turn into another darkness, or has he done so already? I don't know about anyone else, but getting that information would be more than enough reason for me to buy a Kingdom Hearts movie, or several, or however many they happen to make.).

16th Feb 2013, 00:55
yeah your right i forgot the ORIGINAL KH1 without the stuff we got added on.... eh i'd see KH movie to support the franchise so they could have the money to release more games! Vanitas i think will be coming back.... not his remnant that was just to make sure we have a REALLY hard optional boss fight

16th Feb 2013, 18:50
The Mysterious Figure in BBS was way harder than Vanitas' remnant, although that might just be because I used the big rocks as cover to keep him from attacking me (glitch or not, you use everything you can in order to win).

11th Mar 2013, 21:26
In the first Kingdom Hearts game, the worlds had a somewhat unique storyline crafted specifically for the game. Even in Agrabah, while Jafar taking the lamp from Aladdin and controlling the Genie to make himself a powerful genie was essentially ripped directly from the original movie, they at least made it unique by involving Jafar's search for the Keyhole, and Jasmine being kidnapped because she's a Princess of Heart. And the other worlds, such as Atlantica, also involved the Keyholes, as well as the worlds' villains being in direct cohorts with Maleficent, to help her unlock Kingdom Hearts. This gave the game a good, sensible feel of originality.

But in subsequent titles, the individual stories for the worlds (for the most part) are just ripped-off directly from their respective movies, but with Sora and his friends involved. This makes for a very artificial storytelling experience (outside of the main overall plot) as well as an unoriginal feel, and it's disappointing.

In KHII, for example: the first visit you make to each world, the story of each world is almost the exact same as its film counterpart, except that Sora, Donald, and Goofy are inserted. The Land of Dragons? Same storyline as Mulan. Atlantica? Same as The Little Mermaid. Agrabah (in BOTH visits)? Essentially the same as The Return of Jafar. The Pride Lands? Story copied right from The Lion King. Port Royal? Curse of the Black Pearl (with the addition of Pete).

In Halloween Town in KH1, Jack was trying to give the Heartless a heart so they can dance with him, but Oogie Boogie steals it so he can turn his back on Maleficent and control the Heartless himself. It was an original story. In KH2, they just copy the plot from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

This gives the subsequent games a very cheap, unauthentic feel when it comes to the minor plotlines. I hope they can find a way to go back to the pure-ness that they had with the storytelling in the first game.

In KH1, Sora was still a kid, and his voice matched it (unlike subsequent titles like Re:Chain of Memories or Re:coded, where Haley Joel Osment is obviously an adult now, and thus too old to still try to sound like a kid). Although he was the protagonist, he didn't talk a lot. Usually the supporting characters did most of the talking. But this made it all the more memorable when Sora did speak, as his words were more memorable than they would have been if he had been yapping throughout the game. In KH2, he seems to overdo it, though; given that he, Donald and Goofy are essentially "meddling" in the affairs of the other worlds, he has to talk more to assert his presence. A lot more of his dialogue is cheesy and corny now, not just in KH2 but in other titles as well, in stark contrast with the original game. The same could be said for the dialogue of some other characters as well. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the dialogue now just lacks the "purity" of the original. Maybe it has something to do with the change of writers over the course of the series (the lead scenario writers would change from game to game, as well as the other scenario writers, with only a couple of people being writers in every game so far). I'm not sure.

All I know is: if they ever do decide to do a world based on Pocahontas, they can at least go by some guidelines: 1) Create an original story that ties in directly with the main plot of Sora & co., like the first game did with its worlds; 2) make the best efforts to have Irene Bedard reprise her role as Pocahontas, as well as the other main characters from the movie (David Ogden Stiers for Ratcliffe, Russell Means for Powhatan, and - if possible, dare I say - Mel Gibson as John Smith (although the likelihood of that is very slim)).

11th Apr 2013, 17:54
--------------------------------------->Possibel Story Spoilers ahead!! You have been warned<----------------------------------------------------------------------

I've been thinking about the whole kairi thing as well, and i have come to the concultion.... that maybe one possibillity is that you choose? a big part of the kingdom hearts main games is that you can choose who is in your party, swap members (apart from sora), so maybe you choose who you want out of all of them.

But on the other hand maybe it's just for defence, just beacuse she can wield a key blade does not make her one of the seven lights, i think that lea has more chance, especially with his conection to roxas and xion who reside in sora. Also (i don't meen to be blunt) but I really don't think that roxas or xion will be one eaither (sorry to all you roxion fans out their), but if you think about it they are part of sora, xion is sora's memory kairi. soo i they where to exist then wouldn't sora then go back in to sleep.

another possibillity is i think that the story line will revolve around the three main groups;
the first one is obvious consisting of Sora, Donald, Goofy
the second is King Mickey and riku
the last is Terra, Ven and Aqua
which leaves lea and kairi which both are more tied to sora than the rest (well maybe kairi to riku) so which mean i would put one of them with sora's gruop, meaning each gruop has at least two keyblade wielders.

so what i am saying is that maybe you play the third game in the groups/sets, starting out with maybe sora's gruop, then terra's and finaly riku's. Of course in each gruop you would be able to select which character to plays as, but they would be moving/going through the story line together. I don't think the style of birth by sleep would work in this game with such a large amount of characters.

I think that the whole reconect might simply be to reconect every on together again, beacuse aqua, terra, and ven are seperated. So that might be a portion of the game. Or it might meen to reconect all the games together, when i herd birth by sleep was coimng out and it was a prequal, i thought it would say somthing about how the heartless has come about, but it did not. And at the end of the real BBS, the story does not connect to number 1, so my thought are that it is a game and it would continue where BBS left of and lead us to the end of kingdom hearts 3D.

Any thought are welcome, cos these are just mine :D

11th Apr 2013, 18:15
One last question. The data DiZ gave Riku when he dived into Sora's dream world again. What is up with that? DiZ told him that Sora woke up when he defeated nightmare Ventus so.... What's up with the Data Riku has when he leaves? It just kind of seems like they just dropped it when Riku woke up.

Maybe the data that riku is sent to get, is of vens heart (we know that he put a bit of his heart in sora for safe keeping) maybe he is to wake him up.

11th Apr 2013, 19:09
One last question. The data DiZ gave Riku when he dived into Sora's dream world again. What is up with that? DiZ told him that Sora woke up when he defeated nightmare Ventus so.... What's up with the Data Riku has when he leaves? It just kind of seems like they just dropped it when Riku woke up.

Maybe the data that riku is sent to get, is of vens heart (we know that he put a bit of his heart in sora for safe keeping) maybe he is to wake him up.

I've got it!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of Kingdom Hearts Bith By Sleep, there is a secret ending and it is called blank point....... in the ending you see aqua talking to ansem/diz. This is what happens:

'(this bit of the ending is midway of the clip/video) a hooded Ansem sits in the Dark Margin, wearing a Black Coat. Aqua appears next to him, asks his name and how he ended up in the Dark Realm. Ansem remarks how rarely he has guests, says it is his second time on these shores and explains that his memory has faded almost completely, "much like the first time," so he has difficulty recalling his past. It appears that he was sent to the dark margin after the explosion of the machine he created to encode Kingdom Hearts, in The World That Never Was, during the events of Kingdom Hearts II.
Aqua sits next to him on the shore and states that she fell into the darkness and has been wandering for a long time, unable to find a way to her original world. Ansem asks why she wants to return, to which Aqua replies she promised she would be there for her friends. Hearing the word "friends," Ansem remembers he had once known a boy who was very similar to her, a boy who was loyal and true to his friends, and traveled across the worlds to safeguard the Light.
Ansem explains to Aqua that the worlds were almost swallowed by Darkness multiple times, but they were always saved by a boy wielding his Keyblade. Hearing this, Aqua asks if the boy's name happens to be Terra or Ventus. Ansem tells her that it is neither of them and explains further that it has been over a year since he had met the boy. He reflects aloud that through seeking vengeance he did many terrible things to the boy and his friends, causing so many people to suffer.

----this is the bit----------------> He blames it on his conscience and the fact he has the heart of a researcher, and reveals that as the boy slept, he hid his research data within him. Ansem realizes that the boy, whose heart is connected to so many others, could possibly open the door and save those who are suffering because of him, remarking that they are all waiting for their "Birth By Sleep". Aqua then requests the boy's name. (and then the ending continues).

So al in all I think diz sent riku into sora's dreams to take back his data that he left there.

12th Apr 2013, 09:19
Diz didn't send Riku into anyone's dreams, but yeah he did hide his research notes in Sora's heart and that's what Riku took back with him. We don't know what exactly the research is about, I don't think Ansem ever met Ven so I doubt it's about him. Most likely it's about the characters he met and wrote his Secret Reports about: Roxas, Namine, Riku, Sora, and probably even Xion. That data is probably what they are going to use to bring back the ones who need salvation.

And if the opening cinematic to DDD is any indication, Roxas is definitely coming back as one of the seven keyblade wielders.

28th Apr 2013, 13:25
Didnt ansem the wise say that all the hearts connected to sora can be saved? Does that mean that Xion is coming back too ?

29th Apr 2013, 00:36
I really hope so, Xion is one of my favorite characters. Hmm, assuming that they can bring her back, what effect does that have on the whole, buried memories can't exist alongside the memories they replace, thing? I mean, will bringing back Xion and Roxas mess with Sora's memories again, or will they be able to release the buried memories without messing everything up? Maybe, as their own beings (with hearts, minds, and souls), Xion and Roxas won't bury, absorb, or otherwise mess up Sora's memories the way they did (completely unintentionally on their parts, but still) in 358/2 days. What do you guys think?

30th Apr 2013, 11:42
I feel like they will somehow find a way to give them their own hearts, well as far as xion is concerned. However keep in mind that roxas was the only nobody that was able to exist while his somebody was still around and alive. And correct me if im wrong since i never truly beat KH II which im working on, but isnt roxas still around while sora is awake? I think it can be done again. And on the topic of Xion, I think she can exist alongside sora. Yes, she at one time had soras memories but doesnt she have her own memories of the organization and roxas? She doesnt NEED soras memories. Thats just a theory though. im not sure how all that works..

30th Apr 2013, 13:36
Roxas and Namine were both able to exist while their somebodies were around. Although, considering Sora was "technically" still a heartless up until the point where he reuinited with Roxas, that leaves just Namine who existed while Kairi was still around. Sora and Roxas are more similar to Ansem Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas, a heartless who kept all memories and original form of his original self and a nobody with no memories of who they were as a somebody.

It's a bit unclear as to whether or not Roxas was still around during Kingdom Hearts 2, but the evidence points almost definitively to him existing as a conscious entity only within Sora himself.

Xion's existence is confusing, but **SPOILERS** the part of Sora that is Roxas remembered her in Kingdom Hearts 3D, so she still exists somewhere.

1st May 2013, 16:34
My point exactly. So it is possible for Xion to return. At the end of DDD Riku speaks with her, Ventus and Roxas. And the the opening cinematic definately shows Roxas returning, as well as Ventus.. So why not Xion also ? And if she does return.. what role could she even play ?