View Full Version : TO MODERATORS Fwd. 2 tr.com SITE MANAGERS

26th Jan 2011, 02:34
I have tried to register for email updates re. new TR game but everytime process fails with objection "invalid dob" - tried entering different days/dates/years but no success

26th Jan 2011, 02:42
Did you lie or accidentally enter false information the very first time?

26th Jan 2011, 03:29
Did you lie or accidentally enter false information the very first time?

no I gave true and valid dob

26th Jan 2011, 03:34
no I gave true and valid dob

And are you old enough to be playing the next game? The site would not let you register for updates if you were too young to legally play the game. You would have to be at least 17.

26th Jan 2011, 07:15
Are you sure you put in in the correct order? Since it is the U.S it would be MM/DD/YYYY, that usually confuses me lol

27th Jan 2011, 13:36
Yes, I am aware of US different order of dates and no I am not under age - Please!

I take it no-one else has had this problem?

Oh well, will just have to check tr.com every now and then myself

27th Jan 2011, 17:24
It is probably the lock to stop under 18's entering the email lists. Shouldn't be blocking if you are over 18 though.

28th Jan 2011, 01:01
Fridgie, send me an email at sfernandez@crystald.com and I will try and sort this out for you.



28th Jan 2011, 02:33
If it's not a glitch, it could also be a blocked IP address, if such failsafes are coded in.

28th Jan 2011, 03:20
And I thought it was just me. Guess I'll just have to check every week for updates.:)

I don't own a mobile device, could this be why its messing up for me?