View Full Version : Jumping issue [major bug effects playabilty]

25th Jan 2011, 03:17

I recently installed Lego Star Wars.... I believe it is the PC version of The complete saga. However, i am running into an issue in various parts of the game. The issue is that whenever i am on a force created platform and various static platforms there appears to be an invisible roof above me, and i jump it hits this 'roof' and falls immediatly back to the ground, I am not getting more then 3 or 4 pixels worth of air before it comes back down. The only way i can get around it is to super jump, which most of the time falls short as the first jump was so low that it's only half a super jump...

Now this is causing a massive bug in Episode 1, The part where you chase darth maul into the room just before the corridor of forcefields. on the last platform where it cuts to the cutscene and darth maul is moving towards the corridor, the roof effects his jump and he ends up jumping off the platform to his death and it will go no further... It doesn't respawn him it just sits there watching the spot where he died and i have to close the game completely to be able to play again. I have googled the problem extensively and from what i can tell i am the only person to run into this problem.

Help me Eidos forums... You're my only hope *fuzz sizzle crack*

PC Specs:
Intel i7 860 @ 2.8
HIS ATI 5770
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
Windows 7 Ultimate x64