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24th Jan 2011, 21:13
I used to play this game on XP very often, and when I move to Windows Sevenv of 64 bits I tought that because of the incompatibility of the IG with this new OS, I will never be able to enjoy that epics battles again. However, as I found the compatibility mode very efficient, I tried to install the game anyway. And for a great fun of Imperial Glory I got a great success! I can play it again!
But now I want to share with you my expreience.

Note: there's no way to play it without the patch

Let's start. First, we have to install the game. But not in the usual way. We don't have to open the autorun, and if we have it open let's close it. What we need is to find the file called Setup.exe inside the CD; to do that go to explore the cd/dvd drive and look for the mentioned file. Then right clic on it -> Properties -> Compatibility > Select the option "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select windows XP (service pack 3). Apply changes > OK, and then run setup.exe. After the installation of the game, it's necessary to install the patch. Once it's done, we have to go to the root file of the game where it is installed and find the file ImperialGlory.exe. We have to do the same we have done with the file setup.exe. Finally we are able to play the game.
The only issue I got is random "flashes" on the screen, but believe me, they are not so annoying to prevent a gamer to enjoy this game.

Hope it helps many people that experience compatibility issues and didn't know how to get this work.

8th Feb 2011, 12:30
Ditto this.

I couldn't play on my Vista laptop no matter what, but I've just got a new Windows 7 desktop, run as Combine describes, and it's working perfectly.

Years of IG gaming left! Very happy.

3rd Mar 2011, 00:09
I just registered on here to say Thank You to Combine :flowers:
After I installed Windows7 I thought I'd never be able to play IG again, but I have now played a whole campaign without a single crash.
Mine was a bit different because the patch was already on the disc; but basically you have to find all the application files (those ending in .exe), right-click them and set them to run in compatability mode (I chose XP service pack 2).
Then start the game in compatability mode. Then be prepared for a long night of c19th politics and war :thumbsup:

PS: if you already have the game installed, you probably don't need to re-install, just delete all save-games then do the above.

10th Mar 2011, 20:13
I'm glad I could help you both, Imperius and waxer. Is a shame that eidos or pyro studios do not extend in time the support of this magnificent game. Is for far the more complete Napoleonic wars game ever made. But you know now, this game is already alive because of his fans.

12th Mar 2011, 10:49
You didn't "help" me, Combine.

Let me repeat what I said: "but I've just got a new Windows 7 desktop, run as Combine describes, and it's working perfectly." It was seconding what you said, not claiming I'd had to follow it.

Running in compatibility mode is hardly a state secret; it wouldn't work on vista - I'd tried - it does on W7 so I came on here to report the good news. I'd seconded your findings, not claimed I'd followed them because I didn't know the method existed.

Thanks for accusing me of plaguarism on another board.

How about this post from January about running in combatibiltiy mode in Vista:


Amazing that other people could know about this revolutionary method!

27th Apr 2011, 00:13
The important point is that IG will run under w7 provided you set up compatability mode correctly.