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24th Jan 2011, 01:37
Hi, I'm playing my Tomb Raider GOLD for PC.
I got to the second disk that has the 4 bonus levels labeled "Unfinished Business"

AND I'm wondering here...
Sence the main game had cutscenes that don't play right...

Are there suppose to be any ingame cinematics
for the 4 "Unfinished Business" extra levels ???

27th Jan 2011, 06:35
Doesn't anyone know if the 4 extra levels on tomb raider gold have any ingame cutscenes?


27th Jan 2011, 21:31
Hey there.

No ingame cutscenes or otherwise were ever developed for any of the three Gold expansion packs (Unfinished Business, The Golden Mask and The Lost Artifact). The teams behind the Gold games were very small (just a handful of people, in fact) and not the same people who worked on the main games, I guess that cutscenes, voice acting etc were never on the cards for them.

Enjoy the game, though - Unfinished Business and The Lost Artifact host some of the most brilliant levels from the entire series IMO. :)


27th Jan 2011, 23:47
THX for responding.

I can now move onto the second part with the peace of mind that I'm not missing out on anything.

Thank you for your help ^.^

(now if I can only get my hands on the other 2 GOLD editions - LOL)

28th Jan 2011, 23:26
There's a bit of a plotline for both levels in Unfinished Business, it should be in the print manual but it's quite on the simple side and mostly a couple of "what if" scenarios the way I see it.

If you happen to have Tomb Raider 2 for PC, you can download the Gold levels for free (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/downloads/TR2files.html). There probably are a few shenanigans to get it working on new PCs, but if you managed to get the first game running, you won't have any issues with the second.

The Lost Artifact can only be bought as a stand alone game as far as I know though. It's worth tracking it down, even if you only find an used copy you'll still be able to enjoy the great and quite atmospheric levels it has to offer. :)

28th Jan 2011, 23:47
Actually the TR-GOLD edition I got was just a used copy that showed up at "good will" one day. It was suppose to be just a little extra-gift for christmas from my sister.

She wasn't expecting me to like it as much as I did.
But I am a major TR fan...

The point is, it didn't come with the print manual.
Heck I'm lucky it came with the box that opens to show a sexy image of Lara inside ^.^

All I know is what was said on wikipedia.
wikipedia post ---> "The first chapter of the game takes place in Egypt, and occurs several months after the events of Tomb Raider. The story sees Lara returning to the City of Khamoon to investigate a mysterious statue of the Egyptian goddess Bast. This leads to her discovery of an entirely new temple dedicated to the cat deity, which includes a giant gold statue several stories high. The second chapter takes place before those of the first chapter?quite literally straight after the events of Tomb Raider. This chapter starts with Lara sliding down the same slope as in Tomb Raider's final level, and finishes with her destroying the last remnants of the Atlantean Race." <---wikipedia post

As for the download options.
I can't do that because the TR2 and TR3 I have are the playstation versions.
(As are all the tomb raider games I have)
This TR1-gold is the first one I've ever gotten for PC.

And if the others are similar, I should be able to play them on my virtual msdos hdd too. So no problems really. (except for the cinematics not playing IN-GAME... But I watch them on tombraiderchronicles ^.^ )

But after this gold-box I fully intent to track down the other 2.
Now... where to search... LOL

29th Jan 2011, 00:01
Oh I see. The Wikipedia tidbit is pretty much what you'd read from the manual, so no big worries there. I'm fairly sure I have a PDF version of the manual somewhere around here, I'll look it up and upload it for you. :) EDIT/ Sorry, I only have the basic TR1 manual. :(

TR1 (and TRUB) are the only games that run on DOS. TR2 was programmed to run under Windows 95, so there are a lot less compatibility issues. There are the odd glitches (I haven't played any of the games on PC in about two years now I think, but I remember the cutscenes being out of synch with the audio when I did get them to work on my then new Windows XP machine).

29th Jan 2011, 18:58
LOL, thanks for the help.
I searched for that PDF forever yesterday and couldn't find it.
I was looking for the words "booklet" and "guide"
I just didn't think of the word manual.
(I feel stupid) V_V

But when you said it, I was able to find it online in a snap.
THX ^.^

I see.
Well, just because It's suppose to play in windows doesn't mean that NTFS systems (like XP) can handle it, or at least not without a ton of reworking the system. I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten a "this is not a valid win32 application" error from just trying to use a Win98 program >.<

But I'll decide how to play it, when and IF I ever find them ^^;

I've already played the first part and I'm halfway through the first level of the second part. It is indeed fun ^.^