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20th Jan 2011, 16:59
I just bought the game of the year version and when I turn it on it goes through the makers then the batman screen with the pictures changing and the joker laughing. Is it saving game files to my hard drive? I left it on for about an hour and it still was on the same screen. Do I need to just wait longer? or is my game faulty?

Viceroy Phoenix
7th Feb 2011, 03:20
Please be specific, I can't make out what you're trying to say, it's like you're talking really fast. :scratch: So what happens, can you play the game at all? Which system are you playing on? Generally it sounds like a glitch, I'd exchange it if I were you. :hmm:

7th Feb 2011, 04:21
He's talking abou this picture..


I guess it stays there for like hours.. instead of the regular couple minutes.
I don't know what to tell you.