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19th Jan 2011, 20:08
With the new game coming out next month, I thought I'd make a few videos of the original for people interested in online augged combat; Augmentations are something special to Deus Ex, and I feel its a bit weird that it be left without a multiplayer part. I know there's lots of people who hate the multiplayer part of the original game but for those who are merely interested, it is worth reading on. If you hate anything to do with multiplayer, you don't have to read any further. ;)

The multiplayer part of DX, at its best, is very much a FPS game (which is probably why most people dont like it..heh). So I thought I'd make a few videos which I hope some beginners will watch, to help them to learn how to play DXMP, and in particular ATDM (Advanced Team DeathMatch).

DXMP Beginner Guide #1. Aug Setup: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGlbrXeaobM)
This video shows how to set up your Augmentations for MultiPlayer gaming.
You have to pick each Aug that you want to use.
The Augs that appear on the top of the list on the right, will be the Augs you start off with.
The video also shows how to configure your Player Setup (Player Name, Connection Type & Team Model).
Note: your Connection type must be set correctly because it significantly affects the quality.

DXMP Beginner Guide #2. Controls: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjf5UXdaUQc)
This video shows how to set up your keys for enhanced MultiPlayer gaming.
You can change the Keys you use for activating/deactivating each of your Augs from the menu screen, as shown in the video.
F3 = Energy Shield or Combat Strength
F4 = Regeneration or Radar Transparency
F5 = EMP Shield or Environmental Resistance
F6 = Ballistic Protection or Targetting
F7 = Speed Enhancement or Power Recirculator
F8 = Vision Enhancement or Cloak
F9 = Aggressive Defense System or Spy Drone
F10 = Microfibral Muscle or Run Silent
F11 = Aqualung
Obviously, you do not need to set it the same way that I have. This is mainly showing how to set it, by giving the example of the configuration that I use.
Try to set the most important Augs (for your style) closest to your movement buttons, so they're easiest to press. Because you will be pressing them quite frequently. Once you have set them to your fancy, it will take time to get used to them so just keep practicing :)
(Note: if you pick Power Recirculator, you do not need to set a key for it since it will turn on automatically when you turn on another Aug.)

DXMP Beginner Guide #3. Basics: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWw_gW-L1_o)
This video shows basics for MultiPlayer gaming, including: HUD info, skills, weapon classes, bypassing panels, lockpicking, computer hacking.

DXMP Beginner Guide #4. Using Augs: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIK7wGcvjLo)
This video shows generally how to utilise your Augmentations for MultiPlayer gaming.
The gametype here is BTDM (Basic Team DeathMatch, where you start with all your augs & skills on level 3), and I recommend all new players to play BTDM so you can get used to using your augs.
You should get into a habit of turning your augs on & off many times, you must never run out of bioenergy.
The gameplay shown is in slow motion, so you can more easily see what is going on. The 'press <button> to turn off Aug' message is repeated quite often actually, just to let you know that every time it says 'Speed Enhancement Activated' or 'Ballistic Protection Activated' or 'Aggressive Defense System Deactivated' etc. it means I've pressed a button on my keyboard.

DXMP Beginner Guide #5. Basic Aiming: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW195rHTPpI)
This video gives basic tips & info on how to aim for MultiPlayer gaming.
The scenes are not really good examples and I sort of rushed making this one, but there are still some good comments which new players should consider when they're playing.
'Aiming' really is something which comes from practice, playing a bit of 0Aug is also helpful, but you must remember that augged gaming is quite different and you will have to adjust to the pace of the game if you've only played in Non-Aug servers.
Sorry about those X symbol thingies, they're a bit.. off. heh.

DXMP Beginner Guide #6. ATDM Gameplay: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7Q-Mu4ih1Y)
This video shows general ATDM gameplay.

Hope you have found these useful. :thumb:

19th Jan 2011, 20:14
The game is not coming out next month, sorry.

19th Jan 2011, 20:52
ATDM is a challenge and Blade is a great player to learn from.
Unfortunately you might catch him Denton mode, or Dragon's Tooth Mode and then it's hard to get him to kill you.
Great videos for anyone wanting to learn augmented multiplayer.

20th Jan 2011, 11:44
The game is not coming out next month, sorry.

damnit :(

20th Jan 2011, 12:47
Interesting. I've never tried the DXMP, but its fun to learn.

Now, with all due respect, does anyone actually use Aqualung?

21st Jan 2011, 14:00
Interesting. I've never tried the DXMP, but its fun to learn.

Now, with all due respect, does anyone actually use Aqualung? My guess? Nope though in some instances it could be useful. But who cares? DX was all about choice and giving an option that almost nobody uses is still a choice they present you with.

21st Jan 2011, 18:38
Now, with all due respect, does anyone actually use Aqualung?

Haha, depends what is being fired at you.

Aqualung doesn't stop bullets, but a lot of custom weapons such as vacuum rifle are dissipated by aqualung.
Same with aggressive defence system and energy shield, they can reduce the damage from certain weps.

Also mappers like myself, flooded Area51 level 2 etc... so some maps do contain rather long swims. I got a thing for big adventure exploring maps.