View Full Version : Deus Ex Phone Theme Pack (Great for Android Phones!)

17th Jan 2011, 07:02
A while ago I made myself a Deus Ex phone theme set for my phone (an HTC Droid Eris). I decided at least one of you guys would like something like this, so I put it together and threw it up on MediaFire.

Check it out! (http://www.mediafire.com/?5ko9x95a4thr9s0)

It comes with the following:
-Two lock screens at 320x480 (phone res for most older Android phones, iPhones pre-iPhone 4)
-One wallpaper at 640x480
-Three ringtones
-Five notification tones (use them for incoming text messages, email, twitter, etc.)

Chances are you guys should be able to figure out how to move this stuff onto your phones, so I won't write an installation guide. Besides, I only have one Android phone available to me so I can't give separate directions for people not using Sense UI.

Anyway, enjoy! :D