View Full Version : Found a solution to the DDS-CAD MEP error

Colonel Jay
15th Jan 2011, 18:54
I had the same kind of trouble like so many other people here while running BSP : the game launch, I have access to the different menus (options, units info etc.) but as soon as I try to play (in whatever game mode - training, campaign or skirmish) the game crash back to windows and when I asked for the problem report, I have the DDS-CAD MEP error message. Irritating !!

But fortunately, I found a solution which at least work quite well for me : I switched the language option from "English (Original VO)" back to "English".
I did that and the game now run perfectly, in all modes.
I reverted back to "English (Original VO)" and the game crashed one more time.
I then switched back once again to "English" and it work again nicely.

I also searched for some solutions to this bug on the french forums and...It just seem there was no such problem as nobody complained with that kind of bug.

Hope this help !