View Full Version : How Would You Like the new TR to be?

14th Jan 2011, 03:06
Hi TRLovers!
I'd like to see your opinion about How would you like the new TR's gameplay! :rolleyes:

Ok, So I'll answer my question.

I'd Like it to be as a real survivor game. Not as TRUnderworld -it was good but I felt it so fake [Thor's Stuff :thud:]- I'd also like that she could face people more than demons or skeletons... :scratch:

Mauricio. :D

14th Jan 2011, 03:46
I want to see Lara kick tons of ass! I want a true feminist, modern action hero! I want Lara to have her own fighting style that sets her apart from Jason Bourne, Batman and James Bond etc, that would be cool!

As for the game, I want to see tons of environments that take my breath away. Not just horror or violence but also incredible beauty even harmony.