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13th Jan 2011, 09:04
If you're thinking about using Steam to release TR9 please rethink your business strategy and include an alternative.

The main problem is that you don't have any control over when you can play your games. I schedule my time and I expect to be able to play games when I click PLAY, not have to wait hours for updates to download or have to wait because they have server problems.

I bought URU last week, to go with Guardian of Light, thinking that would be fine. It still isn't reliable. I've scheduled in Wednesday evening for playing games and the last two Wednesdays I've been unable to play either Guardian of Light or URU owing to problems with Steam servers or whatever. When I click PLAY for a game I've paid for I expect it to PLAY right then and there.

So please, if you're thinking of using Steam to release TR9 include another alternative, like making downloads available from your own online store. I want to be able to download games and PLAY them when I WANT and PLAN to play them.



13th Jan 2011, 13:37
I'll agree with part of what you said. You can refuse to update the game from Steam (I believe there are even options to disable automatic updates to games in your library) Either way, you can pause the updates and you should be able to still play the game without updating it. Online play is a different story, and you would have the same issue with using a disc version. The nice thing about Steam is that they are able to find the updates/patches for you and install them hassle-free; with the exception of consuming your time.

Is your internet connection on DSL/Cable? Doesn't seem that downloading a patch or two would consume the entire night, but maybe I'm misunderstanding your circumstances. It certainly shouldn't be re-downloading the full game, that's only for Apple to do with their freaking App Store :mad2:

Steam is by no means perfect, but it does give you a great solution for storing and playing a lot of your favorite games on multiple computers without the need for finding product keys, registration, or the damn CD-ROM/DVD for playing the game. It's all done through Steam's servers which are also available in 'offline mode' if you don't have an internet connection (I find that it only works part of the time, but you win some and lose some). Games that use SteamCloud are even better, saving your progress to the Steam servers so that no matter where you play the game, your progress is still saved, unlike moving saves back and forth across computers/hard drives, etc.

I agree that downloading patches all the time is annoying, but in my opinion, it's better to be able to click one button and have the game update automatically, than have to worry about finding the 'right' file to download and update the game. 95% of PC games I buy today are from Steam. I dunno, I guess it just works for me.

By the way, what is URU? I've never heard of it before.

13th Jan 2011, 15:23
Hi, Uru is the 4th Myst game. I've hardly started it and will probably just download it somewhere else and start again. I suppose for coop games Steam has to be the way to go but it's not the way to go for single player games I don't think. I hope TR9 is available as a straight download so I can control the thing. It's all about control Nemesis.