View Full Version : Steam servers busy? Who do I talk to?

8th Jan 2011, 12:28
Alright, this is painful. I was happily playing this game but this morning became sick of waiting for the game to fire up so I cancelled using the Steam dialog. From that point on whenever I tried to start the game I get the "Steam servers too busy" message and get asked to try later. So I delete the game and try to restore from backup. Now I can't even do that - I get the same blasted message! Doesn't matter how much later I wait to try again. I have a feeling I'll never be able to play it on this machine again.

I tried it on one of my kids machines (with my Steam login) and the game works fine, so my profile is apparently okay.

So who solves this problem? Eidos or Valve? And how do I log an official support request?

Eidos Support
26th Jan 2011, 13:52
Try right-clicking on the game, within Steam (Library > Games) and click on properties. On the Local Files tab choose: Verify Integrity of Game Files; let it complete this check. If any files are missing/damaged, it should redownload them.