View Full Version : Stuck with Scarecrow

8th Jan 2011, 02:06
Hey there. I have a problem. I'm in the Mansion stage of the game and am in the scarecrow scene and after I fight the skeletons I get to a place where I have to shimmie around a ledge. Looking at some of the walkthroughs, I need to jump down to a path below me to continue. Some WT's say to hit Cape Stun to drop down but this is not working. I've tried every combo and key and now I'm stuck. I have the STEAM version and it is a legal copy. I'm getting tired of Scarecrow kicking my butt!:mad2:

8th Jan 2011, 02:22
Press the "Ctrl" key where you want to drop down. You may have to press down arrow at the same time. Good Luck.

8th Jan 2011, 17:03
Thanks soooooooooo much that did the trick. I'd sware I tried that before along with all the other keys on the keyboard. This is such a cool game and I hated not being able to move forward.