View Full Version : FFXIV: Keyboard and Controller?

3rd Mar 2014, 16:39
Hi. I'm going to be getting FF14 for PS4 when it's released but I'm not a massive fan of using the controller and on-screen keyboard for typing messages in the chat window but I prefer using the PS4 controller for actual gameplay. My question is: Can I have it set up so I'm using the PS4 controller to play the game but also have a Bluetooth keyboard attached so when I want to type something it's much easier & faster? Anyone been using a set up like that? Is it even possible? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers.

3rd Mar 2014, 20:15
Yeah, this absolutely works. I have a bluetooth keyboard that I tried this out with. You can go about your merry way with your controller and once you start typing on your keyboard it immediately goes to chat mode. Pretty cool!

3rd Mar 2014, 21:44
Thanks! That sounds just like how I'd want it to. So you just press any button on the keyboard at all and it goes straight to the chat window?

5th Mar 2014, 10:32
Yeah just start typing and it goes into chat window, you can change it so it doesn't go straight to chat mode (if you want to use keybinds, macros etc via the keyboard) but as standard it's set to chat mode.

5th Mar 2014, 14:12
Nice. Sounds like it works pretty well. Thank you both for your help :)

13th Apr 2014, 00:43
I just got FF A Realm Reborn for ps4 and wanted to know if I can use a wireless keyboard (for chat) in conjunction with my regular PS4 controller? If I can how would I do that? I connected the keyboard to the ps4 but it's not working to type.

13th Apr 2014, 12:40
Mine plugged and played just fine though it did exit the game and asked if this keyboard was mine but after confirmation works great I am using a keyboard and mouse and controller (for screenshots) No issues what so ever.

13th Apr 2014, 15:18
hm....I did all that, but I still don't know why. maybe its too old?