View Full Version : Crystal Dynamic had Tomb Raider-like survival horror project

6th Jan 2011, 10:52

Crystal Dynamics was planning a survival horror adventure, but it was canned and the Tomb Raider Reboot took its place. Shame, but the reboot is looking good anyway :)

6th Jan 2011, 15:34
Never heard of it ! but the survival horror projects is kinda similar to the reboot, I'm glad that they changed the idea, TR needed to reboot :rolleyes:

10th Jan 2011, 00:41
Tomb Raider was an andventure and hunting treasure not survival horror adventure. This game I think will fail and we should play the old Tomb Raiders are better than the once million times. I personally, would never play Lara as survival horror adventure, if its like that just play RE5.