View Full Version : The GamesMaster TR Reveal Is...

2nd Jan 2011, 22:08

I picked up the latest issue of GM today (#234).
The issue itself is very good, but the TR news is seriously rubbish.
It has no new information at all, is just under 2 pages in size & the only picture it has from the game is Lara's face. It is the same picture displayed at the top of this forum. Boo!!!

The magazine is sealed, so I thought I would let you know in advance.
It does come with a decent Mortal Kombat mouse mat though.

Here is also an interesting note from Page 51 of the latest Official Playstation Magazine (UK #53):
Giant Tomb Raider feature this issue is ditched after a US mag has tantrum at Square Enix over embargo date. Cheers, babies.


3rd Jan 2011, 01:05
Oh, bummer. :(

Thanks for letting us know! :)